This blog began in January 2011. While I am not currently writing very many book reviews myself these days, you can try to convince me why I should write a very detailed and honest review for you. I read eBooks from an iPad. If we agree to work together - please send me your book in .pdf or other easy to download format.

NOTE: I'm rejecting way more books than I'm reading these days. I'm a huge stickler on somewhat decent writing. If I find a crap-load of mistakes in your first few chapters I simply quit reading.

EVEN EASIER: I am still publishing guest posts from any and all indie authors. So if you have written a METAPHYSICAL HORROR book on the theme of vampires, werewolves or zombies and want to write a unique article for the Vampire Review readership - then, please, absolutely send me your guest blurb and I will do my best to publish it.


#1. Include any links to where your novel is available for purchase. Also include links to your blog - where you are promoting your work. Also feel encouraged to publish links from your web pages back to your guest post here, when it appears here on Vampire Review.

#2. YOUR BOOK MUST BE FOR SALE (not offered for free). While reviewers traditionally expect a free copy of your eBook, because you're gaining free marketing exposure, those readers can peruse FREE books at no risk to them. They don't need my review to save them money.
#3.  My name is Tami. I'm a living and breathing person. Please do NOT send inquiries to me and address me as "Dear Reviewer." (I hate that and will instantly reject your email.)  My email address is
#4.  I REVIEW VAMPIRE NOVELS, paranormal horror and dark fiction ONLY. Please don't query me about a new Barbie themed romance work and expect me to wanna read it. 

Many thanks. I look forward to working with you. OH! If you're a reviewer yourself ... this blogger is also an author: of Ravena & The ResurrectedTalk to me. Let's see if we might be able to reciprocate with promotional favors!


I prefer NOT to read erotica but will consider such if the book has a very strong plot and romance doesn't suffocate the theme. Hate porn, bestiality, defecation, pedophilia, violent sex or rape scenes. So please don't send your book to me if it includes such content.

If you'd like Vampire Review to provide your dark fiction book (not erotica) with a review and/or if you'd like to be featured on this blog while you go on tour ... please submit the following information to SunTigerMOJO [at] gmail [dot] com.

#1 - Your author name/and pen name (if relevant).
#2 - Your book name and ISBN (VR only reviews published books).
#3 - When will your blog tour begin and end (i.e., what date do you wish VR to host).
#4 - What specific genre is your vampire book? (e.g., vampire/werewolf, urban fiction, humorous vampire, dark fiction, vampire romance, etc.)
#5 - Date this book was first released.
#6 - Where this book is on sale, electronically.
#7 - Name and address of your publisher.
#8 - Publisher URL and contact information.
#9 - Author URL and contact information.
#10 - What sort of author appearance are you hoping to present?
- * as a blog guest
- * as a blog interview (email me questions, I'll email answers back)
- * you suggest an idea
#11 - Please list the URLS for all your book relevant websites and/or social media contact information

BAREST EXPECTATIONS: On acceptance of VR agreeing to host, you will send a free e-copy of your book for the review to SunTigerMOJO [at] gmail [dot] com. You will provide a hyperlink to on your author tour calendar (wherever you have it posted) and a direct hyperlink to VR will be posted on your social media on the day you are being hosted. *Try to sweeten the pot. Do you have give-aways for us to launch a contest?

"Any reviewer who wants money from you for any purpose whatsoever is operating a scam, engaging in unethical behavior that is in violation of the publishing industry etiquette and norm." ~ Jim Cox