Author Tami Jackson loves to read dark fiction
She lives in Southern California (USA)

Tami Jackson does not live in a dark cave, even while she's author of a Seattle based vampire novel, Ravena & The Resurrected, (R&R) and hosts this blog, VampireReview.blogspot.com. She works so hard as a news correspondent and freelance writer, her typing fingers occasionally drip with as much blood as the pages in her book. (Yet she does other odd jobs as well.)

Tami earned her bachelor's in communications/English from Washington State University, about the same time she received an Emmy Award. Tami has sold many magazine and trade journal articles, and worked as public relations writer and editor in business and marketing.

Born in Seattle, the fifth among seven children, with two school teachers for parents, Tami is the mother of three adult children and two grown step-sons. She lives happily with Artemis, the Pug, and Luna, the black house cat.
As always, she loves writing and remains an avid fan of all things vampire, werewolf, zombie and sleuth! In addition to writing, Tami loves nature and reading action/adventure and dark fiction.

Ravena & The Resurrected is available in every eBook format from Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Apple and more. It can also be purchased (hard copy) on Amazon.

SYNOPSIS: Ravena & The Resurrected features a likable but awkward woman, just one year out of college, who follows her dreams for meeting vampires. When she becomes resurrected, Ravena learns that being a vampire is very different from what she had imagined. R&R takes the reader on a wild adventure as Ravena continually escapes a most motivated enemy. By the adventure's end, she evolves into a much wiser version of self. There's lots of Seattle in this book, both modern and historic.

Note: This book involves one sex scene and smatterings of romantic yearning scattered throughout. 

HOW YOU MAY CONTACT TAMI: (Please read "review policy" before sending a request for either an author visit or book review)
* Email  SunTigerMOJO [at] gmail [dot] com 

OTHER BLOGS (Besides this one: Vampire Review):
* Vamchoir (Vampire Ravena Doomlah's Character Blog)
* SolTiger (Personal journal covering a smathering of topics)

If you visit Vamchoir.blogspot.com (main character's blog from R&R), you'll find amateur comics drawn by Tami Jackson there (just for amusement).