Thursday, August 24, 2017

Circle the trash-filled shopping carts. It's an attack on homelessness!

This man accepts cash donations but never uses the
money to care for his leg.
DISCLAIMER: This article only addresses the lowest segment of homeless society. Many hard working people, with great ambition, end up being broke, tired and worn-out. Good people become homeless for many different reasons. There's no sin in not being able to afford a home - except as it relates to a society that charges too much for rent and doesn't pay its workers enough so they can truly live independently.

I know there are MANY reasons why a person becomes homeless and there are many programs in place to get folks off the streets. This opinion article is about folks who CHOOSE the lifestyle when it leaches off others (not about folks with mental health issues).

by Tami Jackson
If mothers ran the country, there would be no homelessness problem. If that admission knocks your toupee loose, then get ready for more bald truths ahead. Good moms not only nurture their offspring but they discipline those who need it, when they need it, sometimes distributing *lessons* against that child's will. Mom's make really tough decisions to produce a better life outcome for all.

With the "mom" model in mind, our government should stop 
operating from a short-sighted "give the brat candy to shut it up" agenda. Presently, our city, state and national leaders continuously tax the well-behaved to create more dependency in the least inspired, then scratch their glabrous heads over why freeloaders keep failing to launch.     

Bureaucracy is why a man I call Agony plants himself at 72nd and Hosmer, in Tacoma, WA, to show off his enormous bio-hazard leg-wound. He refuses to accept existing assistance programs in preference for soliciting cash from ignorant donors, who never notice that he fails to use their offerings to treat his lesions. Yet there he sits, every day, giving more drivers traumatophobia. Like a stray dog that won’t leave a house that feeds it, Agony won't stop begging. Yet he doesn't need cash. He really needs medical intervention before he dies from self-neglect.

According to the City's website, Tacoma invested $10.9 million these past two years on homelessness service contracts. That's not counting all the homeless benefits provided by the county, state, and non-profits. Yet the mentally retarded, brain damaged and/or insane are still living on our streets along with Agony. Visit any local tent city to see all the same people still hanging out.

How many mentally ill could we have checked into hospitals for $10.9 million? Our culture's value of "free will" is one reason that homelessness seems like a problem that's so difficult to solve. "Free will" is why we allow those (who are mentally incapable of making wise decisions) to sleep outside in extreme heat or cold that can kill them.
Homelessness is also a problem because Americans deeply value human life. If not, we could decorate a barge with Christmas lights and promise "free drugs" to anyone who's exhausted community emergency funds (by being resuscitated from drug overdose more than twice). Once everybody onboard is high, we could ship that barge out to sea and sink it along with a note to God. "You sent us these defective people. We are sending them back."

While I admit that would be unconscionable, because we humanely put suffering animals to sleep but force people to live in their misery for eons, I half-wonder why our President of privilege, Donald Trump, hasn't realized how financially advantageous it would be to swap the identities between hard working illegal immigrants with able-bodied Americans who just don't want to work. We could then deport the lazy people and adopt the hard-working to dramatically improve our country's economy.

From psychology, we learn that contributing to a larger community makes people feel happy. A good mom knows when we give the homeless free clothes, they simply throw away whatever they've worn since the laundromat requires coins. Donating socks is also stupid when folks use them for toilet paper, thanks to T.P. costing money. To prevent such waste, a good mom would make recipients do chores like pull weeds or collect trash to earn their meals, clothes, and methadone.

For anyone who thinks it's inhumane to ask the homeless to work for the soup they consume, just talk to higher achievers who barely eke out a living. They must perform chores they loathe and nobody thinks it's inhumane when they must give up their personal freedoms to accumulate food and/or housing - then get taxed on everything they earn.

My brain says “I have to work and pay taxes, dammit. Homeless people should have to work for their sustenance too!” Then I realize that each person’s situation is unique. We have highly educated bureaucrats handing things. Everything will get better, in time, if we just relax and give beggars more of our hard-earned money after Uncle Sam has already taken most of it. Except the fact is ... most of our money never makes it to the beggars. Most of it gets lost in bureaucracy to line the pockets of those who are already most affluent in our country.

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