Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Who Shot Vampire Gigilo Shane Chartress-Abbott?

Deceased: Vampire Gigilo Shane Chartress-Abbott
In Australia, three men accused in the murder of self proclaimed "Vampire Gigilo" Shane Chartress-Abbott got off scot-free because the jury could not decide beyond a reasonable doubt who, exactly, pulled the trigger back in 2003. 

It's not like Chartress-Abbott was a saint. Back in 2002, at age 28, he marketed himself as a 200 year-old vampire and used his *ahem* "jewels" for prostitution. Yet in reality, he was heinous and a violent rapist.

A 30-year-old Thai woman, who worked as a stripper, had hired him for sexual services that year. To her horror, he went way above and beyond providing the goods she paid him for and bit off part of her tongue. Poor woman also didn't expect to be repeatedly raped, beaten and left unconscious with fang marks in her thigh. She was left bleeding inside her Hotel Saville room in South Yarra, a neighborhood in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Found naked, bloodied and unconscious, her boyfriend Mark Perry became the primary suspect in Chartress-Abbott's killing. Inquiring minds might suspect he had been motivated by revenge. After Chartress-Abbott's death, Perry went on the run (which is very different from HAVING the runs) and was not found until the murder trial in Western Australia this year, 2014.

Two other men men accused for involvement in the act of killing the vampire, was Evangelos Goussis, who was found to have helped Chartress-Abbott's murderer by driving the getaway car. Goussis was also found to have performed surveillance for the shooting and while he was found "not guilty" for pulling the trigger, he is now back in jail for yet another murder crime. 

Yet another middle man for the murder, was suspect Warren Shea (aka Warren Schievella) from the Gold Coast. He is boyfriend Perry’s childhood friend.

Since the jury could not decide "beyond a reasonable doubt" who exactly pulled the trigger on this vampire-rapist murder charges were dropped for all three men. 

The murder happened in June 2003 yet the trial didn't happen until just this month. Nine years ago, Chartres-Abbott had just left his home and reached his front yard in Reservoir, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, when he was gunned down. He had been on his way to a trial for the rape and battery of the women previously mentioned. 

How many more women hired Chartres-Abbott for sex and never told anyone what a violent man he was? Who killed Chartres-Abbott? Can you figure it out? Considering Chartress-Abbott's violent crimes ... does anybody even care?

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