Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Introducing "The Last Confession of Judas Iscariot," by David Vermont

About The Last Confession of Judas Iscariot

Guest Post by David B. Vermont

Of all those who ever lived, history’s most notorious betrayer, Judas Iscariot, must be living in Hell. Right? Well, maybe not!

In my book, The Last Confession of Judas Iscariot, after Judas watches the crucifixion of Jesus, he despairs over what he has done. He fumes because the messiah he trusted did not overcome his accusers but instead? He died; just like all the other false prophets! The toxic mix of emotions are too heavy for Judas to bear and he commits suicide, by hanging.

Restored to life by the Devil, Judas is made into a vampire-apostle and the Devil teaches him how to manipulate men, women and history. 

Thus empowered, Judas wears whatever hat is needed to effect the historical outcomes that best serve his new master's intentions. He becomes king, general, teacher and blacksmith. 

Each time Judas is ready to move into his next incarnation, he must drink the blood of an innocent victim to be restored to his youthful vigor. Yet despite his many powers and abilities, there is one thing he still desires. When Judas meets a laicized (defrocked) priest, named Raymond Breviary, he sees it! He's been denied it these past 2,000 years and so? He tries to steal it from Breviary.

Atty and Author David B. Vermont

About The Author

David B. Vermont is an attorney and litigator.  He lives with his wife and four children in Fairfax, VA. His writing career began when he was asked to author a series of articles explaining the Catholic faith for the blog "52 Prayers."  As the leader of an online Bible study group, he regularly writes about his faith. The Last Confession of Judas Iscariot is his first foray into fiction.

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