Saturday, April 19, 2014

Real Vampires Hide In Plain Sight: Interview With Author A.G. Liam

Vampire Review is proud to introduce A.G. Liam, author of Dark Incidence.
Thank you A.G. for a great interview.

Q: What first made you interested in vampires/vampire literature
A: I had a keen fascination with vampires since a young girl, before my teenage years. I used to secretly watch horror movies without getting caught by my parents. I remember watching Twilight Zone in black and white, Dracula and Lost Boys. Then, as a teenager, I fell in love with Blade and Interview With A Vampire. Plus I was obsessed with Anne Rice novels.

Q: How did you come up with the idea for your own main character? 
A: I’ve always wondered what it would be like to become a vampire— the emotions, the turmoil, the challenges, some things that are obvious and some that aren’t. I convey these elements through the eyes of a teenage girl, Dani. She leaves her abusive home to flee for a better life when she unsuspectingly encounters a creature that turns her into something else. 

Q: What makes your book unique and different from other vampire books?
A: I’ve read many vampire books and watched numerous movies. I wanted to breathe fresh life into this subculture. There are many new ideas that are introduced in this book, which blends the traditional vampire lore with modern concepts. The novel takes the reader through an emotional journey, from romance and heartbreak to dread and hope. It's a unique new world unlike anything else, with fascinating characters, imaginative environments and a new breed of vampires.

Q: Did you ever feel haunted while writing your book? 
A: Yes. I did.

Late one night, I was alone at home, and it was quiet. I was stuck, as they say, with writer’s block. 
I felt a figure stand behind me, but could not turn to face it, I was powerless. All I was able to do was type on my laptop, and I accepted that and kept going. I was tired and frightened. The writing came automatic. My vision was blurry. . . and I could not even read what I was typing.

I must’ve passed out, because the next morning, I had surpassed the writer’s block by a few thousand words. The laptop had died from being on all night. I could not believe what I wrote. Was I possessed for a few hours? 

Well, whatever got written was amazing and brilliant so I kept it all and moved on. Even while my book is fiction, I truly feel this undiscovered world actually hides in plain sight. The book goes to great length to describe how vampires avoid contact with humans, and why. This is a more realistic approach that’s also entertaining.
Will there be a sequel? Yes, there will be and I'm hoping to release before Halloween 2014.
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