Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Vampire Hunting Film In The Making - Guest Post by Josephine McAdam

Hello Vampire Review Readers! 

It's unanimous. We have a fantastic idea for a new movie. Our crowd-funding site and movie site just now became live at (Check it out!)

Watch this video to learn more.


To launch this new effort, we had our private launch on February 8th, here in Austin, Texas and were welcomed with such positive responses! 

We hope that the members of this amazing Vampire Review blog will appreciate our effort (to bring back a vampire film with actual, classic, horrifying vampires) and actively support the making of our movie too!


Violet suffers from hallucinations and has her entire life. Otherwise, she lives a quiet life with her aunt and uncle who have accepted that their niece may just have a few psychological issues.
Actor Josephine McAdam Plays Violet

When Violet comes across a homeless man, Carl, she is intrigued to learn he suffers the same hallucinations that she does. Thinking he may have answers for her, she pursues after him.

Carl, being older, begrudgingly reveals that these hallucinations only take place when vampires are near. He explains it's a type of sixth-sense that he and Violet share.

Our film follows the unlikely duo as Violet grasps the meaning of all this. She struggles to decide whether it's her duty to join Carl in hunting vampires (or not).

We'd love to hear any feedback or thoughts on the project you may have and hope we gain your support as fellow lovers of this genre! Thank you! And thank you so much to "Vampire Review" for your help in spreading our film!

-Josephine McAdam: Producer/Actress"

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