Sunday, January 5, 2014

Demons Too Evil For Hell Rise In This Low Budget Horror - Raunchy But Really Scary Film

Night of the Demons (2009) is a very sleezy and blood-splattering remake of a 1988 horror film by the same name. Not just sexually explicit, the slut scenes in this flick are filled with disturbing gore. What is worth-while about this remake is the legitimate heebie-jeebies factor that will leave you feeling haunted at the end.

"Maddie" (Monica Keena)

Nobody could guess that a demon could be so far beyond evil it gets rejected from Hell. Yet seven such horrific entities now haunt a single house together. Tonight is Halloween, 80 years after the first demonic rising, and this most evil house is exactly where young, attractive people are celebrating the holiday; all dressed up in costume for a night of fun.

When one of them, Maddie, (Monica Keena) enters the bathroom, alone, a groping hand mysteriously breaks through the glass in the mirror and terrifies her. Yet when she returns with Lily (Diora Baird) to show her the broken shards, the mirror appears to be whole 

Lily (Diora Baird)
That mirror scenario is a prequel for what is to come because when friends become infected with what seems to be a demon virus, they commit gruesome acts of self mutilation but their blood disappears and there's no evidence of their possession or injury after the fact. 

Soon after the Halloween party breaks up and party-goers leave, only the host, Angela (Shannon Elizabeth) and her six friends are left. Quite naively they all decide to explore the historic house together. That's when they realize they have no means for escape because the outside gates have suddenly self locked.

Angela (Shannon Elizabeth)

GORE GALORE:Admittedly, the movie gets really raunchy in the middle with earth worms dropping from cannibalistic mouths during sex. 

This flick features really creepy chase scenes. Decent horror makeup for the budget and blood dripping down walls. Excellent strong characters as well.

Background music: Goth rock and metal 


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