Saturday, January 25, 2014

Big tease for Vampyres to come! by Josephine McAdam

"Hello readers of Vampire Review!

Josephine McAdam
Tami was kind enough to allow me (Josephine McAdam) to post a sneaky blog entry on here. This is to leak a little early info on an independent feature film, "Vampyres." 

I am producing out of Austin, Texas. Meanwhile . . . 

"Vampyres" follows the story of Violet, an orphan who grew up plagued by violent hallucinations. After living the majority of her life having accepted that she has psychological issues, she discovers a homeless man who sees the same hallucinations as she does. 

When she chases him to seek answers..... Well. You'll have to check back the week of February 8th (here at on our crowd-funding launch date. That's when I'll tell you more and we'll be having an actor guest post on here! 

That post will include a 3 minute video-teaser for "Vampyres!" For now, we'll leave you with a few images by our director and artist Miguel Coronado III. These should further pique your interests....!

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