Monday, January 27, 2014

A Different Kind Of Horror - Comedy

There are all kinds of vampires: blood-drinking, emotion-sucking, psychic-channel-mixing. The worst kind is the evil anti-hero from whom you cannot escape.

Perhaps you feel mesmerized by the "demon" and are stuck-in-place either because you're an employee and the vampire is your boss, whom you must see day-to-day, or perhaps the villain is your prison inmate (and you're locked behind bars together). 

Then again, perhaps the predator is merely your super crazy mother and you're too under-age  or mentally damaged (thanks to her emotional vampirism) to make your escape. 

I felt so lucky when Greg (Onision) asked me to help bring about a new character he had conceptualized as Chibi Derf's mother. Trust me when I say Heebie (the name I call her) is really a dreadful human being. She's an emotional carnivore and it was ridiculously fun playing her role! 

Hope this makes you laugh. While no blood-sucking takes place in this video - I think there's enough emotional predation to keep vampire fans interested.    


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