Saturday, December 21, 2013

Longest Night: Hang Your Garlic Or YULE Be Sorry! (Seasonal Comic)

Today is the Winter Equinox. From this point onward the days begin to get longer (the sun begins to return and grows stronger day by day). Celebrate by lighting a candle or Yule log and swap stories with your loved ones. Envision yourself happy and YULE be so very glad you did.

In many cultures, modern and ancient, this day marks the birth of the Sun Deity. As the year progresses, the Sun grows stronger from infant-hood into childhood. Then in the Spring (she or he) becomes an adolescent, growing stronger and even more brighter until adulthood when the Sun is at full strength in the summer. 

The decline of age begins in the fall and progresses to winter, where the Sun deity eventually dies to be born again on this day, the Winter Equinox, typically December 21st in a calendar year.

  • In ancient Egypt - the Sun God is Ra
  • In Norse Mythology she is the Sun Goddess Sol. (Also known as Sunna.)
  • To the Druids, the Sun God was Bel.
  • In Santeria, the great Oludamare lives on the Sun. Prayers are delivered to him by Oshun.
  • In Hinduism, Surya, is both the Sun and the Sun God.
  • In early Christianity, the Catholics began to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ near Yule so more Pagans would celebrate the birth of God with them, and come to church.
  • The Aboriginal Sun Goddess is Wuriupranili
For a more comprehensive list of Sun Gods and Sun Goddesses, click here.

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