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A Vampire Novel That's NOT Marinated In Romance - by Isaiyan Morrison

Vampire Review is please to welcome Isaiyan Morrison, who just published  Deamhan on August 12, 2013. Her next book, Kei. Family Matters, comes out December 2nd of this year. Isaiyan? Take it away!

Author Isaiyan Morrison

by Isaiyan Morrison

First, I'd like to say "thank you" for having me on the Vampire Review blog. I'm thrilled to talk about my novel, Deamhan, and the release of the first novella in Deamhan Tales, called Kei. Family Matters by Isaiyan Morrison.

Deamhan are psychic vampires, created to battle the popularized sanguine (blood-drinking) vampires that are found in the majority of modern-day paranormal novels. In writing this book, I wanted to spotlight the different types of vampires that exist in lore throughout the world.

Deamhans feed differently than traditional vamps but have the same weaknesses (e.g., stakes, sunlight.) They are not romantic and do not attend high school to stalk pretty young girls. Their main focus is on survival and on keeping their species alive, even if that means killing anyone who stands in their way.


Deamhan is the first novel in the Deamhan Chronicles and it's a story of betrayal and mistrust. The novel follows a woman, Veronica, who goes back to Minnesota to find the truth about her mother's disappearance. The only thing she knows is that her parents worked for a secret organization in Minneapolis at the time of the disappearance and her father refuses to mention anything about it.

Veronica decides to retrace her mother's footsteps, and that's how she learns that her mother was tracking a Deamhan but she doesn't know why. She needs to find one Deamhan in particular to answer that question and must head into their dark and dangerous world to do that. Unfortunately, Deamhan's are notorious liars and getting to the truth out of any of them is a heroic feat unto itself.

Deamhan is now available in print and as an ebook on Amazon.


The first novella, in Deamhan Tales, is titled Kei. Family Matters.

The first chapter begins with: "So you want to know how I ended up back in Minneapolis? Well, that story requires a cigarette, preferably menthol, and a woman I can wrap my arms around and eat later."

The setting takes place shortly after the first novel and follows a Deamhan, named Kei, who is on the run from his sire Lucius and his sibling Selene.

After being dethroned in Minneapolis, as head Deamhan, Kei travels south to look for the only person he feels would help him further his plan to retake the city. He is vulgar, unconcerned, and downright uncontrollable. In the end, he believes that he is the only one can secure his future.

If you're interested in reading a vampire novel not marinated in romance, I suggest that you'd give Deamhan and Deamhan Tales a try.

Kei. Family Matters will be available in ebook and print (exclusive) December 2nd 2013 on Smashwords.

Thank you so much for having me!

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