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Author Eleanor Keane Guest Posts

Vampire Review is pleased to welcome Eleanor Keane, author of The Breathing Ghosts, with this guest post. Thank you Eleanor for telling my readers about your new book! 

Vulnerable vampires and possessive puppet masters: vampires at the bloody heart of "The Breathing Ghosts"

Guest Post And Book Intro By Eleanor Keane 
Author Eleanor Keane

There is no definitive ‘moral’ ‘good’ or ‘evil’ vampire in The Breathing Ghosts. Each vampire is tinged with outbursts of violence, pathos, vulnerability, and more than a fair share of madness. For instance: deep within the confines of her English family manor, the fragile and beautiful vampire, Violet Valvayne, relentlessly shuffles and re-shuffles playing cards. She’s lost in memories of a brief and bittersweet mortal past, and her controlling brother, Virgil, wants her to stay that way.

Violet is his beloved twin, his prized toy and his puppet. Her vampire brother’s endless schemes, games and machinations push Violet further and further towards madness- a madness that is steeped in human blood. Yet is Virgil really as in control as he thinks? And what secret or dangerous desire is their elder brother, Edgar, hiding? 

It is only when Violet meets, and falls in love with the vampire huntress Rowan Oakwood  that she begins to see a way out of her blood-spattered predicament, and out of the Manor itself. Rowan is bright, beautiful and daring- all characteristics that Violet desires- but she has already sworn to kill Virgil. Can Rowan win against a brother who has adored, cosseted, demeaned and controlled Violet for decades?

All too soon, Violet realizes that her house of cards is falling down around her.

On the other side of the playing card, we have Nerissa Naughton: a strong, fiercely independent vampire with a heart as cold and barren as a single snowflake. Her complete and utter embrace of the darkness within is apparent in her black clothes, black moods and her even blacker past.

Nerissa is a vampire shrouded in mystery, and her acts of violence are both cold-blooded and unpredictable. It seems as though nothing frightens her, and yet when a black deed from her past is thrust into the light, Nerissa becomes suddenly vulnerable. Soon, loyalties change, boundaries become blurred, and Nerissa realizes she may have more in common with Violet than she thought.

Will Violet escape the clutches of her brother? Or will she fall victim to her thirst for blood? And will Nerissa ever reveal the deadly secret in her past?

To find out the answers, you will have to read The Breathing Ghosts.

The Breathing Ghosts is available on Amazon and as an ebook. Eleanor Keane has also written an accompanying vampire short story collection, The Ghosts’ Feast, featuring some of the same characters from The Breathing Ghosts

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