Sunday, August 18, 2013

Seized By Vampire Parish's Magic - Photographer Perry Gallagher Leaps Into Action!

Easily judged the best vampire photo of the year!
Vampire Parish makes everyone gasp: "Oh My Gawd!" Photograph Art by Perry Gallagher


A ferocious face that fills hearts with fear caused Photographer Perry Gallagher to leap into action and shoot! Fortunately his weapon of choice was an expensive camera and the Silver halide (often used in photographic film) never came in direct contact with this fantastic vampire's skin.

Gallagher captured this very compelling shot of Vampire Parish, with his waxy white complexion and terribly ferocious snarl, at The Bondage Ball. Both Photographer and Vampire are from Los Angeles, California (USA).

A Vampire worth dreaming about:Parish Dignam's Club page on Facebook. 

A Photographer you can (blood) bank on:
Photographer Perry Gallagher on Facebook

Photographer Perry Gallagher on Deviant Art
Photographer Perry Gallagher on Model Mahem
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