Sunday, July 28, 2013

Revisiting "Moonlight," When Darkness Falls A Hero Will Rise (TV SERIES)

A coworker of mine handed me the complete first season of Moonlight, When Darkness Falls A Hero Will Rise,  on DVD. I'm five episodes into watching and have to admit I'm enjoying the show.

Alex O'Loughlin as Vampire/Investigator Mick St. John
The series is about a very attractive American vampire who is also a private detective named Mick St. John (played by Alex O'Loughlin). Mick works out of Los Angeles, California. (Imagine that: A vampire living in sunny Southern California!)

I have to say, this eye-candy (actor) makes this series very sweet to watch. The plot has enough twists and turns to keep the logical brain craving more episodes too. 

Fortunately for Mick, the Southern California sun only injures vampires and makes them very weak/dehydrated. Also unlike traditional vampire lore, in Moonlight, vampires do burst into flames when exposed to the sun and staking a vampire will only paralyze it. To kill a vampire in this series, it must either be beheaded or burned to death.

THE BASIC STORY: Mick was turned vampire against his will on his wedding night by his bride Coraline (Shannyn Sossamon). Coraline then kidnapped a young girl, Beth Turner (Sophia Myles), intending to "change" the little girl, seemingly so the three could form a family.

Mick protected the little girl and turned on his bride - even burned down their home with Coraline trapped inside. Many years later, when Beth is an adult reporter for Buzzwire, she meets Mick but does not remember him.
Sophia Myles as Reporter Beth Turner

The TV series Moonlight ran for five episodes before May 13, 2008, when CBS cancelled the show. It received such bad reviews I never watched it - until now. I wish I had watched it earlier because there are some rather fascinating scenes and lots of twists in the plot.

Both Mick and Beth are very attractive and inspite of what the critics say, I felt both Alex and Sophia were great actors.

This series is full of detective-type suspense with enough plot surprises to keep your brain guessing what's going to happen next. 

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