Thursday, June 6, 2013

Guest Post By Author Irina Argo: "Vampire Elite"

The Vampire Review is pleased to have Author Irina Argo writing this guest post today. Irina? Take it away!

From Irina Argo, regarding main characters in her new book: Vampire Elite

All of the Vampire Elite have characteristics that are a mixture of right and wrong, good and evil. Main character King Tor is a classic example.

It’s interesting how someone like him who is so kind that he adopts abandoned immortal children and raises them as his own, can also be so willfully blind to the sufferings that his own people perpetuate against entire Amiti race.

Even after meeting and falling in love with Queen Arianna, who rules over the Amiti, Tor continues to believe that his people's practice of capturing Amiti and keeping them as bloodstock is legitimate. So he is truly convinced that the vampire-Amiti conflict cannot ever be resolved. 

    Tor’s ability to rationalize and find good reasons to follow an evil path is something that many humans do. Immortals reflect human behavior while humans are also a reflection of them. The immortals come to life to speak their truth about us.


A member of the vampire Elite, King Tor is known for his uncompromising nature and iron will. He has been in power for more than a thousand years and during that period has developed his race into one of the strongest of all.

For Tor, the vampires’ ongoing security is his top priority, and he has never wavered in his pursuit of maintaining that goal. That is, until he meets Arianna, the Amiti Queen. She unlocks his heart to feelings he had never thought he was capable of enjoying. Tor discovers real love for the first time. 

Now his deepest desire is to keep Arianna with him forever, but the young Queen is the most feared and powerful enemy of his race. Together with the Keepers of the Key, she holds the power to eliminate his vampires from the surface of the earth.

That power is ultimately the only guarantee she has for saving the Amiti and Tor must assume that she will take that bold step to free her kind sooner or later.

What will Tor do when his mind demands that to keep vampires safe the queen he loves must die? His heart screams that he cannot live without her.

To know the rest of the story, you will have to read The Vampire Elite

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