Saturday, May 18, 2013

Great Vampire Film For Kids: "Vampire Dog" (Canine Must Consume Red Jelly To Survive)

Vampire Dog (2012)  is a family comedy film directed by Geoff Anderson. If

your family likes watching silly humor, like The Apple Dumpling Gang or Home Alone, then you’ll love watching Vampire Dog because this vampire-pet hates blood but loves consuming red gelatin (aka: "jelly").

Back in the old ages, villagers might have kept dogs to sniff out vampires and zombies and they expected the canines to protect them from said creatures of the night. Yet This very campy and lighthearted movie shows a family that adopts a "vampire dog" named Fang.

Fang the dog grows on Ace, the 12-year-old
Twelve year old Ace and his mother Susan move to their new home after Ace’s father (Susans’ husband) has died. 

Susan has found work as a music teacher and is trying to save the school from closure. Yet the principal at this school is making back door deals to sabotage and make sure it closes down.

So while Susan struggles  to keep her job, Ace meets a neighbor girl named Skylar and has an instant crush on her. Yet seeing Skylar at school is rather awkward when she belongs to the popular click where Ace is not welcomed.

Back home Susan (Ace's mom) opens a letter declaring that her father-in-law has just died. He left his dog, Fang, in the care of his grandson Ace. Shortly after that, a package arrives in the form of the dog inside his kennel. 

Meanwhile, in another part of town a very evil but animated Dr. Warhol who is cooking up concoctions for the beauty industry (think slapstick humor). She is confident that Fang is a vampire dog and she believes she will be able to perfect her beauty treatments if she can only get her scientific hands on the little mutt. So Dr. Warhol repeatedly tries to kidnap Fang with the help of her incompetent sidekick who always makes a bigger mess of things than if his name was Larry Fine (of Three Stooges Fame).

Meanwhile, back at home, Ace learns that Fang can talk and the dog explains how he was bitten by Vlad the Impaler 600 years prior. Beyond eternal life, Fang has other amazing skills too. He can hypnotize grownups to balk like a chicken, meow like a cat or scratch fleas like a dog.

To feed Fang, Ace must serve him red jelly and when that jelly runs out there’s serious trouble of the vampire-dog kind to contend with. 

Collin MacKechnie as "Ace"
The film was shot at Crescent Park, Ontario and in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. Vampire Dog was released on DVD for streaming and download on-demand in 2012.


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