Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Does The Badge-Wearing-Werewolf Get Your Vote?

What would the world be without another B-rated werewolf movie? (Very sad indeed.)
Wolf Cop is currently being developed for DVD and this flick needs more than heavy doses of alcohol to GET MADE into a movie for the big screen.

Werewolf fans the world-over are howling for YOUR HELP to make sure this flick gets funded through a film acceleration program. 

THE STORY LINE: In "Wolf Cop," Sheriff Deputy Lou Garou (get it? Loup Garou means werewolf) is more than an bad-attitude drunk-cop. When things aren't going his way, he gets downright hairy about it.
The following trailer shows a very exciting "shape-shifting" scene, where the sheriff's skin peels back during transformation into the wolf. WARNING: Watching this will make you eager to see Wolf Cop at the cinema, and unless you VOTE, that may never happen. 

The PROBLEM with voting is the sneaky "agreement" that CineCoup makes you accept in order to be authorized to vote. That contract allows third parties to virtually steal your computer's soul by taking all the contact information you supply and have their way with it (and CineCoup is protected from any unauthorized use of your identity). 

If THAT doesn't frighten you, then you truly are a monger of horror. Here's the link if ya wanna vote. *READ THE FINE PRINT before agreeing.* Again, vote that AT YOUR OWN risk. (Can I caution you enough?) I'm electing to bow out of this one, even when I'd like to see this film win.


May the best Wolf movie win!

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