Sunday, November 4, 2012

Vampires NEED Blood Money

Take a bow as the FANGS go by. Our hearts will have their say! These vampires are SMOKING HOT by night (and virtually on fire by Sun's first light).

Usually it's the vampires who lavish fang bangers with affection, eternal life and money but this time around it's THEM who need our help. Director  Kristian Van der Heyden's goals for promoting his vampire web series are more than respectable.

That's why I'm telling you about it (dear tasty reader) because your currency will be accepted as an exchange for more vampire goods and services in the future to come!

Heyden aims to raise enough funds to shoot three vampire films. And? After watching the one-minute-long video that plays at the top of his home page ... I laughed rather heartily.

Blake Lewis stars in it as an "actor-wannabe" and provides a lovely surprise ending. (Check it out.)

Because of my sense of glee over Heyden's professionalism, I'm more than pleased to introduce this opportunity for you to help sponsor the actors and movies.


If you missed the links I provided, above, here's where you go to offer sustenance to the vampires:

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