Friday, November 16, 2012

Meet Three REAL Vampires - Vampire Subculture

In 2008, Tyra Banks interviewed three vampires. You can find these interesting videos YouTube by searching for "Tyra Investigates The Vampire Culture" and following each clip, one after the other, numbered 1-5.  (Or click on the links I provide here, in this blog entry about the vampire subculture.)
Don Henrie, Vampire Emperor


In this post I'm offering more information on each vampire than what you can get from the show.

In the first vampires-interview from The Tyra Banks show, you'll meet the most famous vampire of the three.

VAMPIRE NUMBER ONE: Don Henrie, former electronics engineer-turned actor, who Tyra refers to as "The Vampire Emperor." (That's not a title he refers to himself with.) He's a human-blood-drinker (sanguinarian). Yet Don says he is also an energy vampire so he's considered a "hybrid" vampire, among his peers.

Tyra Banks (fangs added)
VAMPIRE NUMBER TWO: Then? You'll meet Vampire Queen Sarah Lester, who is a psychic vampire (energy junkie) who does not drink blood. She merely absorbs other people's energy. Professionally, she's a model and mom of two. If you search "Don Henrie Intro by Sarah Lester" (on YouTube) you can learn more about the vampire religion by that recorded radio interview.

In this particular The Tyra Banks Show clip, you will hear Sarah say: "I think sex is very disgusting when I think about it." She then seems to feel judgment from the audience and backpedals rapidly and clarifies that she thinks sex should be highly honored.

Later (in the last video referenced) she says she's much too enlightened to engage in sex. Yet rational thinking suggests, since she's a mom, she obviously knows what sex is about. (I leave all the double-talk up for my readers to decipher.)

In this next clip, you'll hear Sarah disclose how she sends energy back to people who want to hurt her, and she says one such bully was so traumatized by the energy that came back, the woman killed herself.

Not unexpectedly, during Vampire Emperor Don's interview, he talked about his eclectic vampire religious faith and separated modern day vampires into three separate groups:


1. Blood feeder (sanguinarian) who drink the red fluid to transform the life force energy from "victim" to new host.
2. Psychic vampires - transferrance of life force energy by intent and willpower only
3. Hybrid, psychic vampires who also drink blood

NOTE: He failed to mention vampire wannabes, also known as "lifestylers." Probably because they aren't really vampires but mere humans who dress in dark clothes and wear artificial or dental-implanted fangs.

To drink blood, Don says he doesn't use his double-set of fangs, but instead uses a lancet (needle) to gather blood from his "victim's" main vein. He puts that blood into a wine glass and drinks it for what he describes as an adrenaline high or euphoric feeding.

Like Queen Vampire Sarah, he claims to NOT be sexually active. He said he "moves his mind away from being horny," thanks to his religious practices.

In the above-mentioned video Don gave the distinction between a casket and a coffin. (He sleeps in a coffin, not a casket.) defines "coffin" as "the box or case in which the body of a dead person is placed for burial" also known as "casket." If you look up the word "casket" the definition is "coffin." Yet seems to suggest there is indeed a distinction between the two. The more expensive of the two, a coffin, "is normally shaped ('coffin-shaped') where as a casket is not - it is simply a rectangular box." responded participant Bilbo.

Then? (Back to The Tyra Banks Show) Tyra finally interviews Vampyra, mom of three, who either cuts people to feed off their energy or lights her "spiritual son," a blood-drinking vampire named Lucian, on fire. Her rituals are demonstrated on the show.


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