Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Tall Man (2012) A Must Watch

If you love psychological thrillers, suspense, and twisted endings that make you say: "I never saw THAT coming" then you MUST WATCH The Tall Man (2012) rated "R" for violence, suspense and a whole lot of mysterious surprise.

Reviewed by others as a "rotten tomato" ... I thoroughly enjoyed this "horror" film and, a couple weeks after watching, I'm still thinking about it. I keep talking about this movie to my friends. Because of the choices characters made, my movie-watching-buddy argued with me about the ending.

Definitely NOT a vampire film (sorry fans). I'm writing this review because I felt this movie presented the sort of personal grief, inspiration that comes after taking from others, and introspection that most vampire movie freaks enjoy.

With a relatively unknown cast (but amazingly talented and good acting) the film features:
  • Sexy, smart and heroic main character/nurse, Julia Dunning, played by Jessica Biel 
  • Innocent mute girl Jenny Weaver played by Jodelle Ferland 
  • Attractive older cop whose unwitting, Lieutenant Dodd, played by: Stephen McHattie
  • Adorable child actor, David Johnson, played by: Jakob Davies
  • Bumbling idiot cop, Sheriff Chestnut, played by: William B. Davis
PLEASE WATCH THIS MOVIE. Then comment, below (without leaving any spoilers).

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