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This is the second GUEST POSTING that Kathryn Meyer Griffith has made here at Vampire Review. (And we thank her!) Previously, she wrote THIS fabulous guest post.


The book itself is a romantic horror novel about a divorced
woman, Sarah Towers, and her six-year-old son, Jeremy. Sarah is forced, by desperate circumstances, a nasty divorce and financialhardships, to move back to the old neighborhood where she lays claim to a dilapidated house that her deceased grandmother bequeathed to her. Sarah does not want to return because her family, parents and siblings (except for one brother, Jimmy) have all been murdered by an eternal malevolent entity that lives in the nearby woods.

So while Sarah makes a new life by fixing up the old home, she comes to cherish it and develops a new love interest with Detective Ben Raucher, a local cop. That's all while the eternal evil is reawakening.

What complicates everything is that Sarah is psychic. She faces her fears and the entity-from-the-woods and prays that her fresh visions of bloodshed and death (deep among the dark
trees) are not true. Yet the murders begin again and Sarah is hurtled back into the familiar nightmare that haunted her since childhood. This time the evil-in-the-woods wants her last remaining brother, Jim; her son…and her! In the end? (Well, you'll just have to read the book to find out!)

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kathryn is author of 14 published novels and 7 short stories and a 2012 EPIC EBOOK AWARDS FINALIST NOMINEE for her romantic horror novel THE LAST VAMPIRE.

Married to Russell for thirty-three years, has a son, James, and two grandchildren, Joshua and Caitlyn. Kathryn lives in Columbia, Illinois, right across the JB Bridge from St. Louis, Mo. She resides with "two quirky cats," Cleo and ghost cat Sasha.

"Writing has always been my greatest passion, my butterfly stage, and I’ll probably
write stories until the day I die." said Kathryn

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Evil Stalks the Night by Kathryn Meyer Griffith
Damnation Books, LLC. P.O. Box 3931 Santa Rosa, CA
Digital ISBN: 978-1-61572-698-1
Print ISBN: 978-1-61572-699-8
288 pages
Ebook Price: $6.95
Cover art by: Dawné Dominique
Edited by: Pam Slade
Romantic Horror
Sex rating: 1
Violence: 3


  1. Thank you Vampire Review for having me again on your spooky blog! Warmly, Kathryn Meyer Griffith I have backstory essays if you'd like to run asny of them. Grin. Just ask.

    1. Very fun to have you visit. Perhaps we'll run a backstory in the future. :-D


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