Thursday, May 17, 2012

OLD FLICK WORTH WATCHING Bag of Bones (By Stephen King) Full Of Creepy Treasures

Pierce Bronsen plays Mike Noonan
The riveting book behind the 2011 BAG OF BONES  2-part movie was written by Stephen King and I'd say the motion picture has some real staying power. It's definitely worth seeing, and then pondering later on, with just one reservation. Maybe it's just the feminist in me, but I hate movies where the main character (a male) is married to a woman half his age. And this flick, Bag of Bones, really takes the middle aged novelist Mike Noonan's sexual prowess (with much younger women) to the extreme.

That admission aside? I loved the eerie premise behind this film. Everyone knows that Steven King, is a demigod, already, but while watching this flick, I felt rather sorry for the living-breathing author. That's because I imagined our all-powerful King as having suffered the most horrific nightmares to inspire this work. The movie is just that realistic-feeling and skin-crawling eerie.
Main character and writer, Mike Noonan, loses his very young (and beautiful) wife to a horrible accident and learns, in spite of his low sperm count, that she was pregnant at the time of her death. So he feels terribly suspicious about who might be the "father" of this unborn child. I mean, his wife repeatedly took vacations at the lakeside retreat that Noonan inherited, in Maine, and she often traveled there alone. So Noonan decides to investigate the summer home to learn who, exactly, might have offered his wife comfort while he was being so neglectful as her husband.

That lake house is where the author experiences all sorts of strange paranormal phenomena. He is haunted by horrific dreams and gets involved in a very undesirable legal situation with locals in the small wooded town.

This movie is definitely worth the time. The spine-tingling creep factor will haunt you into the next day after watching. There are a number of surprises in the plot, beyond the ordinary hair-raising chill aspects. I strongly recommend it for horror fans.

Character Novelist Mike Noonan
Actor Annabeth Gish (who plays Noonan's wife)
Actor Melissa George (who plays Noonan's girlfriend)
Here's the trailer.


  1. Just one thing, as Columbo would say, Bag of Bones is a TV miniseries from 2011 not an old flick from 1988. Even the novel wasn't written until 1998 so I don't know where you got the "1988" date from.

  2. Dr. Blood ~ You're right in part. I watched Bag of Bones as a two-part movie on Netflix. The two films together lasted four-hours. Thank you for your comment.

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  4. Hi Shahnila ~ Thank you for visiting. I will check out your blog. :-)


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