Saturday, September 24, 2011

"Scoundrels Are Cool" Says Author M.T. Murphy in this Great Post!

Special guest and author M.T. Murphy writes today's article in relation to his book "Lesser, A Villainous Urban Fantasy" ISBN 978-1-4524-2434-7 (ePub) published by Lex Talionis Books. Follow his successes on Twitter (more contact information for him is below)!

This vampire-werewolf tale falls under the urban fiction category. It's humorous, dark and romantic. Released on September 10, 2011

M.T. Murphy's exclusive posting for Vampire Review: "Gray is my favorite color"

Han shot first.

With that statement, I reveal myself as the nerd that I am. So be it. I am a geek who prefers to see a character with a dark side.

Scoundrels are cool.

Real people aren’t all sunshine and roses, even though they may pretend to be. Everyone has both good and bad in them. Make-believe people should be the same way.

Take vampires for example.

In the old legends vampires ate babies, buried themselves back in their own graves each night, and were not particularly attractive—appearing instead as bloated corpses. There was no hair gel, no fancy silk shirt, and no angst to be found.

The modern vampire has evolved into a beautiful, self-loathing creature that struggles against its unsavory impulses. All it takes to give them the strength to stand against their evil brethren and find their inner heart of gold is the love of a kind human.

Fuck that.

The vampires I write about are not so altruistic. They enjoy drinking blood and amassing power. They revel in the joys of being nearly-invulnerable carnivores atop the world’s food chain. With a few exceptions, they don’t think twice about feeding upon a human and tossing him aside like a chewed-up pizza bone.

That’s not to say their eternal life is without its challenges. My vampires have two things to fear: werewolves and other vampires.

They have hunted werewolves to near extinction, and any vampire will tell you that this is a very good thing. You see, werewolves have the unpleasant tendency to kill vampires on sight, which vampires find very inconvenient. They are stronger than vampires and share their affinity for human blood and flesh, but it’s far more difficult to create a werewolf. For every hundred humans who survive a werewolf attack, one may become a werewolf while the other ninety-nine will likely die from the toxins in their blood.

Vampires’ greatest threat comes from themselves. Along with an insatiable lust for blood, the vampire nature also instills an equal desire for power. In their world, there is no better way to achieve power than in stealing it from one’s peers.

In short, vampires are evil and proud of it.

What happens when these malevolent demons are forced to do something heroic, like protecting a human from other vampires and werewolves? For me, that’s when things get interesting.

Black and white are boring colors. Gray is where it’s at.

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  1. Murphy's vampires sound completely awesome. I just have one question: what is a pizza bone? It sounds dirty.

  2. I was hoping to leave that for Author M.T. Murphy to answer (since this is his post)

  3. In an extremely delayed reply on my part, a pizza bone is that piece of crust left over after you eat all the good stuff.


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