Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Vampegeddon - Lamest Of All Crippled Movies

Directed by Jeffrey Alan Miller. With Michael Alvarez, Richard Anderson, Josh Bingenheimer, Jenna Contreras and MORE, "Vampegeddon" is a "don't bother to see" film.

I tried watching this very low budget work: "Vampegeddon" and cannot believe I hung in there for a full five minutes. I never made it to the part where a Goth college girl, Melissa, is supposed to open an old book of spells to resurrected a heinous vampire. The animation was so horrid, with fake scenery and bad camera work, I began to feel as though not even the return of Jesus' could save viewers from the horrors of this movie. (It's so putrid it could gag a maggot).

The fighting scenes (I watched two) are done in awkward and choppy slow-motion and that's not because the camera slowed things down ... that's just the acting. It looks choppy and forced. Don't waste two minutes watching this flick. Trust me. I'm doing you a favor by saving you time so you can watch something more worthwhile.

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