Friday, August 19, 2011

Review of "Return Of The LIving Dead 3" LMAO

Return Of The Living Dead 3 ... Director: Gerry LivelyFascinating flick presents self-mutilating and suicidal zombies! Parts of this movie were so compelling I'd rewind just to watch a particular scene over again, thanks mostly to excellent make-up and animation.

This has got to be one of my all-time favorite zombie movies (not kidding). In the beginning, the objective is for military and medical personnel to create bio weapons for the United States with human corpses. Curtis, the main teenage character, is in love with peer Julie. But what can he do when she starts eating brains? (I won't destroy the movie by sharing HOW she became a zombie.) Fortunately, Julie learns that self mutilation helps her not to feel quite so cannibalistic and she shoves every metal thing into her soft tissue except for maybe a fork and knife.

If you enjoy watching movie scenes where legs are shown kicking (while the camera scans away so you don't see ALL the zombie action) then this film is also for you.

Here's Snapshots Of Dialog:

  • "It's your fault. Your brought me back. You should have just left me dead." (Julie to Curtis.)
  • I just buried myself in this insane job and because of that, I haven't always been there when you needed me. . .We have a lot to talk about."
  • "It proves that the living dead are not just animated flesh. It proves that they have an inner life."
  • After watching really grotesque zombie behavior in a seemingly sterilized room, we hear "I need to know what the hell happened here." (like duh, dude. Weren't you just watching?) LOL
  • Curtis: "So you really think I could do it?" (go to Seattle, play in a band, when Curtis has never had any musical training). Homeless man, aka "You can call me 'River Man": "Sure. Why not? Course. What do I know? You're talking, to a guy, who lives in the sewers!"
  • "Next time you see someone who needs help, you just give 'em this Madis Gras coin and help em out. And you tell them to do the same. To help somebody else. Because as long as that coin is circulating, there's always somebody out there doing something good for somebody."
  • "Strap that damn thing down before it wakes up again."
  • "If people knew what they had inside them, and knew how to get it out, they'd be a lot more happy." Homeless "River Man."
Lessons From This Movie:
  • Never get too hyper-focused on anything or you might get bit in the ankle by a newly made zombie. 
Embedding of the movie beginning (first part) was disabled ... you can watch it HERE

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