Saturday, August 13, 2011

Review of "The Lost Boys" (1987 Vampire Flick)

Watching "The Lost Boys," a 1987 - Joel Schumacher film, was entertaining to say the least. A few highly intelligent Facebook friends had suggested that I watch it ... and to my light-hearted pleasure, I did!

In the beginning scenes, brothers Michael and Sam travel by car with their recently divorced mom, Lucy, to their new home in California. After that, it was difficult to decide what, exactly, was happening. A whirling vacuum motion kept sucking people into the air, as though strange abductions took place helicopter-style. Actors screamed as they followed car hoods and flying debris into oblivion. Later, however, the movie showed a beach scene where party-goers screamed as that same whirlwind-like disturbance swirled sand around them and then vampires suddenly appeared to sink fangs into their skulls.

What really made this movie worth watching, in my opinion, was all the humorous dialog.


  • "Lucy? You're the only woman I know who didn't improve her situation by getting a divorce." Said Ganja-smoking hippy-grandpa (Lucy's father).

  • "Anything around here might pass for some aftershave?" ... "How bout some Windex Grandpa? ..."Yeah. That might work!"

  • Santa Carlo's become a haven for the un-dead. "Kill your brother. You'll feel better."

  • Very geeky boyfriend brings mom flowers. Her retort? "Boy. Someone around here has bad breath" (family's dog, a Husky suddenly appears)

  • Don't ever INVITE a vampire in, you silly boy! It renders you POWERLESS!

    The movie also features a lot of slapstick humor, such as when a teen couple are presented in what may become a make-out scene, since they're sitting in back of a car at what seems to be a lookout point. She's laughing over a comic book. He's trying to kiss her. She smack's him alongside the head. Then the winds come.

    Then, when the film focuses more on the vampires, things get a little creepy. A beautiful young teen is dominated by her loser-boyfriend and it makes the viewer wonder why her mom never taught her to "Say No To Thugs!"

    Because this movie was filmed in the 1980's you'll see rotary dial phones, nerdy kids on stingray bicycles and ongoing arguments over which comic-book toting young boy can protect whom. When the geeky boys enter the vampire hotel it's an abandoned warehouse decorated with rotted linen curtains.

    After, teen-age Michael, main character, drank from a fascinatingly hand-decorated wine-bottle that a ring-leader "lost boy" passed his way, stoner-like euphoria results and Michael realizes he just consumed vampire blood. Next? He's having serious anti-gravity issues.


  • Instead of sleeping in coffins, these vampires hang from their bat cave upside down (like bats).

  • When a vampire is staked through the heart, one of two things can happen. Either guts and globs of goo shoot everywhere or the vampire looks like he's being electrocuted with sparks flying everywhere. (There are only male vampires featured in this film.)

  • One weapon the boys used against vampires involved filling squirtguns with a garlic "tea." With such monster soakers, they seemed successful at fending the vampires off until a couple more resourceful fang-bearers entered the house through the chimney - Santa Claus style.


    1. I wouldn't be surprised if I watched this 40 times as a kid. I haven't seen it lately, but I bet it's still pretty awesome.

    2. Seeing your comment more than a YEAR later (Sorry Erin) ... so glad you liked this movie. Thank you for feedback.

    3. I was lucky enough to interview Jamison Newlander about working on The Lost Boys, you can read it here (It's an interview with a twist) at


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