Monday, June 6, 2011

"HIDE AND SEEK" (Great 2005 Horror Movie On DVD)

As usual, this review posts no spoilers. If you liked Sixth Sense ... you'll love this one! 
Robert De Niro plays 
Dr. Callaway, a very patient man and mental health therapist whose recently widowed. He wants to help his grade-school-aged daughter Emily (Dakota Fanning) put her life back together, after the child found her beautiful and loving mother bled-out in the family bathtub. So, Dr. Callaway relocates with Emily to a wooded and remote home in the country.
Famke Janssen plays a supporive role as a child psychologist and Dr. Callaway's understudy and academic admirer. She also tries to help Emily overcome pain from the trauma and loss. It's clear that Emily really loves and trusts Janssen's character while Dr. Callaway also confides in her.

Meanwhile, soon as Dr. Callaway and Emily settle into their new home all sorts of horrific things begin to happen and beyond feeling as though the house may be haunted, I began to grow wary of this little girl since Dr. Callaway discovered a dead cat in new bathtub and horribly evil things written in Emily's penmanship and the cat's blood all over the walls. 
Interestingly, Emily blames such mayhem on her seemingly invisible friend named Charlie (and that's where the mystery in this movie really begins).
Nosey neighbors and a small town cop play major roles in how the story unfolds. Dr. Callaway works overtime to hide criminal evidence and washes away details that might land his daughter in an insane asylum forever.

While there are no vampires, this horror film offers a lot of blood, mystery and wonderful creepy intrigue. The best part? It has a compelling twist at the end that will take viewers by wonderful surprise.

John Polson
Writer: Ari Schlossberg

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  1. I have never seen this movie all the way through, I always seem to come in at the middle or the end. I am going to NetFlix it because I love De Niro and Dakota has always been a favorite (especially in UpTown Girls!). Thanks to your review, I'm going to make sure I watch it all the way through.

    New follower from Book Blogs :-)

  2. Hurray Stacey. It's pretty creepy in parts. I really loved all the twists and turns in this one!


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