Monday, June 13, 2011

Guest Author Sarah E. Glenn

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Vampire Review is very proud that guest blogger and author Sarah E. Glenn stopped by to present this fun look into the motivation behind her recently released title: All This and Family, Too. Available $5.00 Kindle edition and $15.99 in paperback.

Death by a Thousand Paper Cuts 
Guest Post By Sarah E. Glenn  

I've tried reading the 'serious' vampire novels - people like Anne Rice, etc. They really don't hold my interest. Even now, having written a vampire novel, I still don't read most of the vamp stories out there.  

To me, the devil is in the details. There are a lot of brooding vampires out there with both angst and income of unknown origin. Every vampire began as a human being, with desires, fears, and hopes. How did they get from there to here? That's what I want to learn. Some novels simply define vampires as a separate race, but I never find those as interesting.

When I do read vampire novels, I enjoy authors like MaryJanice Davidson (Undead and Unwed) and Christopher Moore (You Suck). Their characters never brood for undefined reasons. In fact, they often brood over problems they've caused through their own ignorance and stupidity. That's something that resonates with me, for reasons that would take too long to enumerate. 
My own stories frequently involve extraordinary people in ordinary situations - ones they are ill-equipped to handle. It wouldn't be any fun if everything went smoothly. Things go awry in very amusing ways - not for them, but for me. 

All This and Family, Too is the story of a lesbian vampire who moves into a gated community and learns that deeds can be restricted in more than one way. Cynthia Leach no longer has control of her work or waking schedule, nor an appointment book for the vampire hunters that drop by. Will she survive this tightly-regulated environment with the mixed blessing of her loving but dysfunctional family? 

Sarah E. Glenn's Bio: I have a B.S. in Journalism from the University of Kentucky. I've held a number of entirely unrelated jobs since that time: art intern at the billboard company, NCIC operator for my local police department, and teaching assistant for medical terminology. I like to write mystery and horror stories, especially when they include a sidecar of funny. 


  1. This book has more than a sidecar of funny and that is not just spouse bias. I've been through several drafts of the book but still laughed when reading the final version. If you have ever suffered at the hands of beauracrats you'll laugh out loud at Cynthia's problems juggling unlife with real life problems.

  2. This sounds different and I love a little humour with the red stuff! ;D
    Congrats! Wow you've done a lot. And with your hubbie too - that must be great to share. My hubs doesn't read much let alone write.

    Hi Tami - just stopping by to invite you to read my very short story about unrequited love which is up today. Love to know your thoughts. Shah. X

  3. Sweet, my daddy went to school there! LoL, I know that has nothing to do with the interview...but it made me excited. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Gwen ~ Thank you for sharing your vote of confidence. :-D


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