Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Horror Movie That Leaves You Laughing Ridiculously Hard

The Cottage: Sleeps Six Bloody Comfortably (2008) is a "must see" film for horror fans, even for those who typically don't like slasher films. I've never laughed so hard over horror ... usually HATE hack-and-slash. Yet I'm very glad I made this one an exception. (I bought the dvd used from a sale rack for $2.50.)

My spouse doesn't tolerate watching ANY kind of horror, so long after he went to bed, I sat out in the dark living room genuinely laughing my butt-off while the main characters depicted here screamed in bloody horror. I'm so glad I found this particular trailer, below, because it adequately conveys precisely why the film is so funny. The story starts out with brothers kidnapping a sufficiently intelligent blond woman, played by Jennifer Lesley Ellison, for ransom but Murphy's law really comes into play as even the most unimaginable things go wrong.

My only reservation (if I had any) pertained to the way Jennifer's character dies. She's the only starring female depicted in this movie and a farmer's huge blade severs her head through the mouth. For me, that represented suppressing the female voice and wreaked of male dominance and emphasized masculine hatred toward women. Not only did nobody else in the movie die that way but two males in this story blathered much greater stupidity than the self-sufficient female did. Whoever wrote that aspect into the film can kiss my plump female badonkadonk. (You suck.)

The rest of this movie though? Thumbs and both big toes are pointing up.


  1. This is why women started making feminist horror films, like 'Teeth' and 'Jennifer's Body.'

  2. Erin ~ I have not seen either of the two films you mentioned. I hope to see them sometime. Right now though I'm watching Twilight on DVD. :-D

  3. I've seen the trailer for Teeth - grouse - and watched Jennifers Body - (teen comedy/horror). Women are AWLAYS losers in horror fiction. It's up to women to change that - as writers.

    Tami - I received the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award yesterday and you are receiving it from me today. To see what you need to do to collect it, stop by wordsinsync.blogspot.com.
    Have a fabulous day - Shah. X

  4. Hi Shah ~ I'm very honored to receive the blog award. Thank you. Teeth sounds fascinating (I agree that women too often suffer an unwarranted bias against them in horror films and I will definitely continue to write fiction that changes that).


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