Friday, May 13, 2011

Black Death - History You Love To Hate - Movie Released 11 June 2010 (UK)

97 min - Historical Adventure | Drama | Real Horror ... bought my DVD from Costco: $15

While Black Death is NOT about Vampires per se - I felt anyone who loves old-time witch-hunt stories with all the historic hysteria that led to demonizing the innocent would really appreciate this film, which is now on DVD. Don't get me wrong, what's presented here is pretty hard to stomach ... but the movie will stick with you long after you've engaged yourself in it.

Filmed in England, Black Death presents the Christian-dominated medieval era, 1348 specifically, when the bubonic plague first broke in every community save one - a remote Pagan village. The film begins with a young monk named Osmund whose torn about the suffering he sees in Christianized England and he also observes that his fellow monks are not immune to such agonizing contagious death, as they too are being buried.

What's more, Osmund also questions his love for his beautiful childhood companion and seeks a sign from God to leave the monastery in search for her. That's when violent men appear before the monks and they're seeking a guide for their quest to find the supposed "evil" that caused this plague so they can destroy it. They've heard stories of necromancy and bring a heavy torture device with them on wooden carriage. They must find that scape-goat to quench their thirst for revenge. After all - surely a single human being is responsible for bringing so much destruction to the hordes of plague sufferers.

As the young monk leads the crusade, the Christians encounter remote witch burnings and murdering raiders along the way. The acting, action and suspense in this film are all top notch. (See the trailer.)

One of my favorite comments under the above posted trailer follows: posted by chunkylover5311: "This is hard to masturbate to."

LOL! With all the violence and hatred? That's a gross understatement. This movie will NOT leave you feeling warm and fuzzy AT ALL.


I often buy dvds to resell on eBay. Immediately after watching Black Death, I decided (because the lasting message was rather uncomfortable to absorb) that I would toss this flick on my "to sell" pile. Yet days later ... I'm still thinking about this film and all the hatred that religions of all kinds have perpetuated throughout history. Because it's still making me think and because this movie conveys that hatred and killing is despicable in ANY religion - I'm now deciding to add my copy of "Black Death" to my alphabetized collection of dvds.

Black Death

Screenplay: Dario Poloni
Directed: Christopher Smith 
Stars: Eddie Redmayne (Osmund), Sean Bean (Cruisader) and Carice van Houten (Pagan Necromancer)


  1. Oh you do choose fab movies - I'm so gonna see if I can find this. Trouble is, living in Dubai stuff like this (or any decent horror) is not allowed - so not sold. And even the horror or thrillers on OSN TV is cut left right and centre. Oh and stupidly dubbed! ANNOYING! Also, even if it is in the shops, it'll cost the usual price of around £10-£15!! Id order off Ebay normally, but can't get deliveries (guaranteed) here, and they'd cost a fortune in postage. !!

    My best hope is to buy it online and get it sent to the in-laws in UK then pick it up when or if my husband gets a trip to UK from work (pilot).

    Sorry I've been away for a few weeks. Visits and visitors and a holiday in Cape Town (which I've blogged about if it interests you - yesterday and today) all got in the way.

    Hope you're well Tami.

    Shah .X

  2. Wow Shah. I have never been anywhere near the Arabian Peninsula and I'm pretty sure I never want to go there now. I cannot imagine not having ready access to what you would call "banned" books, dvds and other information. I personally have never understood the sort of people who live around here (where information is freely available) who do NOT read or learn from video (educate themselves) but only watch television after work with all the commercials and social brainwashing that goes along with the regular media which creates mental/emotional zombies out of ordinary citizens. I think I would truly DIE without having access to my book and dvd collection. My heart truly goes out to you. Thank you for sharing your story with me. I feel so incredibly blessed, lucky and inspired because of it. I wish I knew how to get things to you via some less cumbersome route. If I can ever help in the process of mailing to you ... just let me know. If your spouse ever flies to the U.S. I don't mind becoming a pick-up point for your packages. In fact, I have a Post Office box that I'd be more than willing to share with you for mailing packages. (I'm a :30 minute drive from the SeaTac airport/Seattle, WA.) CENSORSHIP SUCKS. Bleh. You poor thing. {Hugs}

    ~ Tami

  3. You are truly generous, Tami! I'm lucky that I have a kindle for my books. I try to pick up other stuff when I visit UK or elsewhere. But thank you Tami - you're a superb person! XX


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