Saturday, April 16, 2011

Are You Following Vamchoir On Twitter YET? (Fun Quotes)

In addition to quoting many vampires by a myriad of other authors, @Vamchoir has also tweeted these fun/ORIGINAL vampire statements:

NEVER GO TO BED ANGRY Suck the blood out of that bastard and return to the casket in peace.

Panicked, I realized half the people around had turned "werewolf" and, judging by bloodshot & yellow eyes, so would the other half ~Vamchoir

Ever just want to laugh: "Vlah-haha" for no apparent reason?

Oh I am in the loop! I'm just not into Lupins. ~ Vampire Dresmona (Ravena & The Resurrected)

He's no werewolf. He's hairy alright & howls at the moon but soon as ya say "boo" he begins sucking his thumb. ~ Ravena Doomlah

Admit it. You don't CARE about my ceramic owl collection, or the fact that I... Oooh. That vein! It keeps pulsing so temptingly in your neck (Vampire Dresmona)

Good morning. Welcome to Hell.

Some sexy/shapely soul kept stalking me, like, really close. Was about to say something, then, *DANG.* Realized: "just my shadow." Vlah-haha

Werewolves can shapeshift in any second. You could be laughing your ass off and suddenly your blood is all over someone's hair. ~ Vamchoir

Instead of taking a blood bath...some of the most heinous vampires prefer to rip off someone's head and dance in the resultant warm shower.

"Why don't vampires breathe?" You ask. So, I answer truthfully: "Being vampire is just way too exciting." (We hold our breath.) ~ Vamchoir

Avoiding vampires is like not paying taxes. Not only does the IRS know where you live but, if you're not careful, taxes can also suck ya dry

At a party and feel like a fire hydrant with all these werewolves staring at me like they badly need to relieve themselves ~Ravena Doomlah

Must spend less time stalking people and more time drinking their bloo-oo-ood. (This vampire girl is getting too skinny.) Vlah-haha.

@cyr [What's the BEST way to pay taxes?] ANSWER: With Money. It feels like the government wants your blood but it really only takes currency

Tami Jackson thinks cohabiting w/a vampire who cannot endure Sun would be such a pain. I mean, how in heck's s/he gonna help mow the lawn?

"Why doesn't that werewolf wanna love me? I keep holding the poor bastard by his hind feet & he's still trying to run away" ~Ravena Doomlah

I'm hungry thanks to you. (YOU make me hungry.) Vlah-haha ~ Ravena Doomlah

While Harker is leaving the premises as a large wolf I'm stuck being a vampire. Gotta learn shape-shifting someday soon. ~ Ravena Doomlah

To vampires, "burning rim of fire" has nothing to do with earthquakes. It means angry peasants with flaming torches now storm a single vampire. 

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