Thursday, March 3, 2011

Who Is The Sexiest Vampire In The Movies?

Blogger JM agrees with me, as does Shah.
Gary Oldman ROCKS no matter what
role he plays. Her blog:
So you're going to think I'm really weird when I admit that I really had a "thing" for Dracula, when Gary Oldman played that part. He was just the sexiest vampire ... he was also incredibly inspiring in the Harry Potter movie when he played the Sirius Black role (step-father to Harry).

Looking at his incredible face (how would you like to sit across from him at the breakfast table each morning?) I cannot understand what all the fuss in America is where so many people try to look much younger than they are. Just look at all the character that intelligence and age has given to Gary Oldman. If you go to his fan site, and see pictures of him in the banner (taken when he was much younger) you'll see what I mean when I admit the years have been very good to him. He's MUCH better looking now.  

Gary Oldman as Sirius Black

He stars in the upcoming movie "Red Riding Hood." Watch the trailer (without advertisements) or watch a SECOND trailer, with ads, here:

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After Gary Oldman, in Dracula, I think this next hunk is a very desirable-looking vampire ... Recognize the dude in the middle? Three cheers for Vampire Laurent (of Twilight movie fame)!

Vampire Laurent (center) is a real hottie!
Blogger admission: Blogger Natasha Larry - and the Stephenie Meyers book that she's currently giving away, via a contest called "name your favorite Volturi vampire," inspired me to write this post.  

~ Tami


Kitty likes: Charlie Bewley as Vampire Dimitri in "Twilight"
Kitty just sent me this image via Facebook to add! (Thanks Kitty)

(click for a closer view)

Brad Pitt as Louis de Pointe du Lac was chosen by Vam Pire (Facebook Friend)

Denise says: "My veins will always belong to Dracula 2000 - Gerald Butler


  1. just give me charlie bewley who plays dimitri in the twilight saga and i am happy ;) he can bite me anytime XD

  2. Kitty ~ Awesome pick. You didn't send me a link to a photo so I went surfing for one. (Hope you like this depiction of him.) Thank you for sharing so much fun. ~ Tami

  3. Does it have to be a movie? I am really loving Damon Salvatore in the Vampire Diaries or Eric from True blood. If it has to be a movie I will go with Kraven in Underworld.

  4. Carrie ~ Do these pictures work for you? (They're fun for me.) LOL.
    ~ Tami

  5. Gary Oldman is AWESOME in anything he does! I loved him as SB in HPotter. Def a hottie!

  6. JM ... thank you for weighing in on it. Obviously I completely concur. LOL.

  7. It's so hard to choose! I'm loving Eric on True Blood, but I think my veins will always belong to Dracula 2000s Gerard Butler.

  8. Denise ~ I am realizing I have never watched Dracula 2000 - now IT'S on my "must consume" list. Ha ha.

  9. Oh oh oh _ You are me!! I love Gary too! Oh my - the way he looked walking down the street in his top hat and tails and those blue glasses. Gorgeous. Didn't know he was in Red Riding Hood new movie - so have to see it now. I agree - some men just improve with age. Loads of them actually - although how annoying is that for women who seem to just decay (Early thirties were my most attractive - its all down hill from now on ;(! )

    Regarding the Eric or Damon - Has to be Damon, though Eric wins in the buff stakes, he just isn't beautiful enough to win over Damon (or Ian).

    Great to have you back.

    Shah from Weekend Creation Blog Hop stopping by, checking in. X

  10. I love me some Gary Oldman (even with the dreadlocks and gold fronts in 'True Romance!') He's my favorite, but I also love Emmett in the Twilight series. That Kellan Lutz is quite the young hottie.

  11. Tami those are great. Sorry I couldn't decide.

  12. Shah ~ I'm not sure it's all downhill for women (that's a very American thought though). I mean, my gawd. Look at Maggie Smith! To me she's one of the most beautiful women ever and she's very wrinkled (she played Professor McGonigal in Harry Potter). I think so much about aging and whether or not you remain attractive, has to do with how you carry yourself and the self-thought messages we allow ourselves to think. I'll add your name to Gary's top hat photo. LOL.

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