Saturday, March 5, 2011

We Interrupt This Reading To Begin That One!

I am currently interrupting my goals for reading Night School, pictured left, in paperback, because I received that book after entering a contest on  Suzanne Johnson's blog (thank you Suzanne!) Yet just now I received an e-copy of Cursed Mates and because I will be interviewing that book's author, Cara Marsi, on March 9th here at Vampire Review - everything else is going on hold.

While she's here, I hope to ask Cara questions specifically related to her book. I'll also post an honest review - so you, my dearly beloved subscribers and followers, will know exactly what to expect from Cursed Mates as well. {Remember to return to me here at Vampire Review. After all, you are being summoned in this most pleading, yearning and loving sort of way. Vlah-haha}.

Are you following the character posts I make on Twitter yet? Vampire quotes are uploaded regularly - most are original (written by Ravena Doomlah). Some snippets from popular film, books and more get posted there as well. 


  1. Hi Tami, stopping by to make sure you got the reply email I sent today. We are both being plagued its seems! I've changed my passwords to that email address. I suggest you do the same. I'm getting pretty fed up with this now. Any luck your end? Shah .X

  2. Shah ~ So sorry to learn you are also being targeted by a very unprofessional business. That's dreadful.

    I am just now catching up on my emails (took yesterday off - as my husband didn't have to work for a change and we just hung out for a much welcomed reprieve). I am going through my slush-pile of emails now. I finally decided to start spamming that highly unprofessional business back via their Facebook page. Amazingly, they don't manage their page at all so nobody's noticed their spam that I just cut-and-pasted back on their own page. They've been ignoring my emails and other attempts to communicate. I figured, if they never respond, at least other decent people will be frightened away by my repeated requests to "please stop spamming me" that I posted.

    Thanks to your suggestions, I will go change my password now and will see if that fixes it. I'm only get spammed on my LinkedIn Account - so that's the password I'll have to change.


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