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Not Liking The Smell Of Frosting On This Cake By Jeaniene Frost

One Foot In The Grave, by Jeaniene Frost
Night Huntress Novel [paperback 374 pages]
Action > Bawdy Romance > Vampire/Supernatural $7.99 Nook

If you ever swatted flies, you know there's a real strategy to the hunt. You must sneak up from behind, after the fly has landed, and "wham!" Hit it hard with the swatter before it sees you and leaps away. Well, half-vampire Cat (Catherine) Crawfield has a regular strategy for hunting vampires but it has nothing to do with how skillfully she wields a silver dagger. It has everything to do with kicking around while not wearing underpants! (I'm not kidding.) That was my biggest displeasure from reading "One Foot In The Grave." I felt offended every time I was directed to consider Cat's crotch and how supernatural beings can smell it. 

On a more positive side, Cat wears a shoulder holster and FBI badge. She works for  homeland security, and runs her own ragtag (covert) military unit that kills supernatural creatures. Then someone in the vampire mafia takes out a contract on her life. So Cat's ex-boyfriend, vampire "Bones," shows up, protectively, and he's suddenly the one in charge of Cat's little government mission (when he's never been on the payroll). 

The setting is not well established. Cat supposedly to works for the government but she never files paperwork, or follows any kind of government protocol.
Cat regularly teases her subordinates, sexually, and uses her feminine wiles to get her way. For a boss, she's a harassment lawsuit waiting to happen.
Her romantic encounters with Bones seem driven by ego and lust more than by intellectual or emotional attraction.

I felt frustrated by all of Cat's self generated drama. Then again, she had a price tag on her head. Who wouldn't be conflicted, and behave irregularly, living under that kind of duress?

EXCERPT page 290: 
"Bones gave me a look like I'd gone crazy, which wasn't a far trip for me."

Then, again, Cat had moments when she proved how tough she was and she's eager to engage in physical battle. 

EXCERPT page 332: 
"I gave the smooth-skulled ghoul another thorough evaluation. Yeah. he looked like a mean motherf#@*%r, no doubt about it. And here I was armed with only a pair of high heels . . . I could take the easy way out. Call myself Bones' Bite Bitch and walk away with nary a broken fingernail to show for it, but that wasn't my style. No, I'd rather fight this giant and win my freedom than get it handed to me by default." 

The world needs more books where the superhero is female. Cat's rather successful in her career.
Enjoyed all the paranormal action scenes - even if the half-vampire, overpowers every experienced and aged pure-vampire much too easily.
An entertaining and engaging read; especially as it applies to Bones. Other characters also proved very interesting.
This book, the second in a series of five novels, "reminded me a bit of Laurell K. Hamilton's work: the Anita Blake - vampire hunter series. 

* While there were some elements to this particular book that I did not like, I did like earlier books in this series so will give it another try. 

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