Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Build A Mansion Out Of Your Books "Challenge"

Thanks to a challenge posted at: floor-to-ceiling-books.blogspot.com (where that blogger built a fort with her books) I decided to build something equally creative with my own books - so I made this puppet studio that you see pictured.

While the attached video is also relevant to this creative "create a structure with books" topic, please Do NOT watch it if you are faint of heart. (Yet if you ARE very brave - and adventurous - and you have a ridiculously high IQ so you can appreciate super quirky humor -  then watch at your own risk. 

If you are faint of heart, but adventurous enough to watch this video anyway, then maybe you'll pull on a pair of Depends as a precaution before watching. NOTE: You have been warned.

HAPPY READING EVERYBODY! I have a few author interviews scheduled for this next week so check back daily. Also feel free to watch other videos posted on my YouTube channel: @Vamchoir

Did this idea inspire you at all? If so - build a structure and make sure you message me about it so I can come check out your work!


  1. My internet connection is more temperamental than me and any cat!! AARGH! I can't watch this vid therefore. And - since I moved to Dubai in October most of my books remained stored in UK. I have about thirty here (all Vampires books) which I couldn't leave behind. And I use my Kindle to read (Dubai have strict rules of what's allowed into the country in all things including books) so I've not got enough to build anything! Miss my lovely books! Loving your mansion ;~) XX

  2. Shah ~ Isn't it fascinating how a country can have strict rules about bringing books in? That's just crazy. I bought an eReader too (the iPad) because I didn't have any more storage space at my house for keeping any more physical books and so many of my manuals are reference material (e.g., herb books) that I don't want to part with. Hence my large collection. ~ Tami

  3. Natasha ~ I hope you build something with your books and post about it. (It would be fun to see what you come up with.)


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