Sunday, February 13, 2011

What Vampire Do YOU Want For YOUR Valentine?

In anticipation for  ♥tomorrow ♥, when I'm interviewing a couple of authors who are not only loving, and married to each other, but they sell compelling vampire fiction they wrote together (check back for that awesome interview!) I wanted to also post a quick blurb about my favorite vampire characters in film and television.

I am borrowing this idea from other blogs that were doing the same thing. Of course I'm presenting 
 ♥vampires ♥ who are not on their lists. (So be sure you continue to blog hop.) Gotta love the BAD-boy vampire. Which hunk presented here is YOUR favorite?

#1  ♥Eric ♥ - of True Blood (Charlaine Harris - Sookie Stackhouse Series)

#2 Barnabas Collins (Dark Shadows 1960s Soap Opera) 
NOTE:  ♥Johnny Depp ♥ will be playing Barnabas Collins soon!

#3 -  ♥Spike ♥ (Buffy The Vampire Slayer - authors vary in the book series)

#4 -  ♥Kate Beckinsale ♥ - Underword by Author Kevin Grevioux 
Vampire Lestat - Queen of The Damned (by Anne Rice)


  1. Spike. No contest :)

    And you still need to claim your ARC by tomorrow or I'll have to pick a new winner

  2. Ooooh Abigail. You like the bad boy too. LOL. (Spike is adorable.)

  3. P.S. I picked up my win. Whoo hoo. Thank you Abigail!

    I'll post this on Facebook: I won a copy of "Darkness Becomes Her" from Abigail's blog: "All Things Urban Fantasy" ( Look for my review sometime in the first week of March!

  4. Melissa ~ That's just funny. I love Eric too. He's so much smarter than Bill. Don't you think? LOL

  5. Damon Salvatore all the way, quickly followed by Eric and probably Johnny Depp - so he's gonna play a vamp? Oh dear - I foresee fantasy eruptions ahead! Shah .X

  6. Shah ~ Damon has such magical eyes but I gotta ask: is there really anybody hotter than Johnny Depp. Really? That man has it all - talent, personality, good looks, intelligence ... AND he makes a great pirate. Arrrrgh!


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