Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Interview With Married Co-Authors

For Valentine’s Day, I present co-authors of  the Morrigan’s Brood Series, Heather Poinsett Dunbar and Christopher Dunbar. While they work together, the authors have managed to stay married (to each other) over these past 11+ years!

The Morrigan's Brood Series encompasses two books (published so far) and the Dunbars reassure us that many more are on the way. Happy Valentine's Day everybody!


Tami: There are a number of romantic relationships that develop between characters in your second book, Morrigan’s Brood: Crone of War.  Which couple did you find to be the most romantic of all, and why?
Heather and Chris: Well, we each had our own favorite couple for this book… neither was the obvious choice, but sometimes it’s the minor characters who tug at your heartstrings.

Chris: I liked Máel Muire’s and Seanán’s relationship. They had one of the longest (mortal) relationships in the two books.  They knew each other and loved each other from an early age, as Seanán was fostered by Máel Muire’s father, Conghal. Seanán loved Maél Muire so much, during the rite of passage, where betrothed men prove their ability to support a wife by venturing into the wild with only a knife, he killed a bear at great risk to himself.

Heather: I would say Berti and Sitara were my favorites in the second book because I witnessed them grow from mere friends into a family.  Berti helped Sitara when her entire family had died, and she would never forget that kindness. They had such genuine affection for each other.  Maybe their passion wasn’t always at a boiling point, but when infatuation cools, sometimes one is left with little more than memories and regrets.  If a couple is truly lucky, they have a deep love and respect for each other after the first fervor fades and a spiritual connection grows.  I also found this relationship unique in that Berti and Sitara are from different races; Sitara, in fact is a cross between Persian and Indian.

Tami: What is the most difficult part and the easiest part about writing as a couple?
Heather: Early on, our egos were at war with each other.  The hardest thing for us to discover on our journey was that we both needed to learn how to listen to each other.  We realized that we both have great ideas and our unique talents to bring to the whole.  Chris is a great storyteller.  He’s very good at seeing the big picture and knows how to make flat characters come to life.  I spend my time clarifying the story, on first draft.  I also research the historical era and type up what we've written on paper.  Using that same technique, I’m typing our answers to this interview.  Don’t worry, Chris will go back over this and make sure I’m not putting words into his mouth!

Chris: I am the storyteller, she says.  I think it is more accurate to say that I am the movie watcher, for I see the events. Our first draft entails whatever first played out in the cinema called my imagination.  Of course Heather’s silhouette is there, as she comments on the movie and suggests ways to make it better. Occasionally I hear, “that’s a stupid idea,” or, “that is completely out of character.”  So Heather writes down the story with pen and paper… no smart phone or USB voice to text mobile device for us! (Though Heather sometimes uses Dragon software to put written word to computer.)

Heather: Hey, I’ve never said your ideas are ‘stupid,’ Chris.  I just said that I didn’t think they’d work!  LOL.

Heather and Chris: The best part is? We get to work together and see satisfying results from that effort.  We both have written non-fiction and fiction before, and we have found our fiction writing is much stronger when we work together. It’s easier for two people to critically examine an idea and decide if it will work or not.  There’s also the old adage about how writing can be great therapy.  Perhaps it can serve as excellent marriage counseling as well!

Tami: What are the two of you working on now?
Heather and Chris: Right now our plates are pretty full!  We’re working on short stories that occur between the end of book two, Morrigan’s Brood: Crone of War, and book three, Morrigan’s Brood: Dark Alliance.  We’re also preparing to publish Dark Alliance, the third novel in our series, in July, as well as working on the first drafts of books six, seven, and eight.  We also try to keep our blog updated once in awhile.

Chris: Outside of writing, I work on various leather working projects.  Lately, I have been assembling a notepad folder for Heather.  I have also made sporrans, belts, pouches, scabbards, sheaths, baldrics, armor, and other leather constructs.  I also occasionally torture my cats with didgeridoo droning and beating on one of our many drums.  My profession is Business Continuity Management, which entails preparing companies for disasters and helping them when disaster strikes.

Heather: I enjoy soaping in my spare time.  I create Celtic-themed molded soaps mixing both essential oils and oil blends with soap.  I also make other smelly products, such as lip balms, body lotions, salt scrubs, lotion bars, and body sprays.  My products can be found on Oak Haven Soaps.  I also work full time as a librarian at a large urban library.

Heather and Chris: We are also slaves to three katkids, named Lucius, Ophelia, and Clyde.  They demand entertainment at all hours.

Heather and I would love to thank Tami for giving us this opportunity to speak on her blog to all of her lovely fans.  We hope you enjoyed our interview, and we would love for you to find us online.  Cheers!

Tami: I am just thrilled the two of you were willing to interview for Vampire Review. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your work. Your tales are entirely fresh and exciting and I have to say that such originality is not always easy to find in vampire novels.

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  1. Great interview! Great couple! Good to see it on a day like today too - I loathe the whole hearts and flowers rubbish of this time of year (as you would have noticed on my choice of post today ;)
    But here you used the theme well. Shah .X

  2. Thank you Shaw. I'm not really into all the forced chocolate-giving and "give me roses or diamonds" mentality either. I love that I have personally found a relationship where my spouse and I can go out to dinner in comfortable jeans and simply enjoy each other's company. I feel sorry for couples who feel they must comply to all the spending and commercialism suggested by all the advertisements around various holidays.

  3. Thanks so much for interviewing us, Tami! We had a lot of fun answering those questions. :D

  4. You are so welcome, Heather. The very lucky winner of your two books is Theresa Cole. Her blog is: (I feel rather confident she is going to love your books and will write a very worthy review!)


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