Thursday, February 17, 2011

Please Visit These Blogs: Tami Jackson Author Blog Tour

As author of this blog, I'm also the author of Ravena & The Resurrected and am currently on-tour with that vampire book! Please follow along with me. See NEW artwork posted every day as a post card. See one example, below. 
See Bertena's Blog On Feb. 24th, 2011

  • FEB.14 - Author Tami Jackson was in Cheboygan Michigan, visiting Theresa Cole: TOPIC OF THE DAY: LOVE IN R&R (for even more fun, see also Vamchoir on that day)
  • FEB.15 - Carrie Sund's blog: TOPIC OF THE DAY: INTRODUCING ONE-EYED CONIAN! (also see Vamchoir on that day)
  • FEB.16 - Natasha Larry's "Paranormal Wire" blog: natashalarry.blogspot.comTOPIC FOR THE DAY: AUTHOR INTERVIEW (don't forget to check out the teaser at Vamchoir)
  • FEB.17 - Natasha in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, hosts her blog: TOPIC FOR THE DAY: VAMPIRE DRESMONA MAKES A DEBUT APPEARANCE! (Silliness posted at Vamchoir too.)
  • FEB.18 - Michelle Corbette, long time Facebook friend of Tami Jackson's hosts her blog in Canada:  TOPIC FOR THE DAY: AUTHOR INTERVIEW!
  • FEB.19 - Travels to the UK, the author meets Tasha at "A Trillian Books." TOPIC FOR THE DAY: AUTHOR INTERVIEW.
  • FEB.20 - Northern California is where Melissa Mohland blogs from: TOPIC OF THE DAY: FIRST HALF OF "HOW VAMPIRES IN R&R COMPARE TO THOSE IN THE GENERAL MEDIA"
  • FEB.21 - The Netherlands! That's where Kyanara Night blogs: "Life Of A Book Aholic" TOPIC FOR THE DAY: AUTHOR INTERVIEW
  • FEB.22 - Walking nearby to Annabel's blog (still in the Netherlands) Tami visits this 26  year old Dutch woman at TOPIC FOR THE DAY: AUTHOR INTERVIEW!
  • FEB.23 - Still in the Netherlands, Tami hangs out with Celine Nyx, author of TOPIC FOR THE DAY: SECOND HALF OF "HOW VAMPIRES IN R&R COMPARE TO THOSE FEATURED IN THE GENERAL MEDIA."
  • FEB.24 - Tami heads back to the U.S. and stops in Kentucky to visit the Vampire Professor (NOT just a nickname, she's actually credentialed in vampire studies). Bertena Varney hosts from TOPIC: SUMMARY OF R&R and INTRODUCTION TO RISTIAN VAMPIRES. Today's interview can be found at these locations:

  • FEB.25 - In Windsor, Ontario (Middle Canada) Stephanie Chowboysky blogs at TOPIC FOR THE DAY: AUTHOR INTERVIEW
  • FEB.26 - Stepping  foot in Michigan where Roxanne Rhoads, an author herself, hosts at TOPIC FOR THE DAY: AUTHOR GUEST POSTS
  • FEB.27 - On Sunday, Tami's taking it easy while visiting vampire-book author Varsha Dinesh on her blog "Fiction Flair" TOPIC FOR THE DAY: AUTHOR INTERVIEWS ANOTHER AUTHOR
  • FEB.28 - Author Tami Jackson runs into some Assassins while attempting to fly home with feathers like a Raven on Monday. After the vicious battle, she takes off to recuperate.
  • MAR.1 - Since she's only human, the author cannot heal at vampire speed. (Suffering anemia from blood loss.) Taking LOTS of vitamins with iron as a supplement.
  • MAR.2 - Now in Arizona, Tami visits Belinda, on her blog: TOPIC FOR THE DAY: "ROMANCE" AS IT PERTAINS TO RAVENA & THE RESURRECTED.
  • MAR.3 - Bianca Sommerland's blog: TOPIC FOR THE DAY: GUEST POST! (More info to come)


  1. Congrats - hope the tour is going well? I gave you an award today - to find out which and collect it pop by my blog today - -

    Shah. X

  2. Thank you Shah, honey. I will definitely pop in! Thank you.

  3. I love your blog! Very funny and creative!New follower-would love for you to drop by and say hi if you get a chance!

    Kristin@ My Bookish Ways

  4. Thanks Krsitin. So glad you found this to be a fun blog.

  5. Hi,
    I would like to give you the One lovely blog award.
    Come and check my blog to see how you can secure this award for your blog!

  6. Kyanara_night ~ That's just sweet. Thank you for thinking of me.

  7. Visited the reviews and the book sounds awesome!

  8. Dana ~ Thank you so much, honey. I'm thrilled to know you completed the entire author tour. Thank you!
    ~ Tami


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