Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Have Really Missed Blogging ...

Yes I am still in the middle of my author tour with Ravena & The Resurrected (see previous post). Yet I took a moment to do some blog hopping today and found such an inspiring idea posted at It begs me to ask what sort of physical structure might I create with my hardcover and paperback books? 

So I will be answering that challenge in another day or two: will post images in response. The challenge just looks like too much fun not to participate. I now pass this challenge on to YOU. What structure can you create with YOUR books?

Doug and I watched a most incredible zombie movie last night. It's a foreign film from Bulgaria/Romania but it features a terrorized community in Pennsylvania, USA. I'd never heard of this filmmaker before. Yet "Wicked Little Things" seems like one of the best zombie movies ever made to me. I'm so very glad I took a chance and purchased it in a package of 4 DVDs called "Multi-Feature" and along with this film came "Lake Dead" (really stupid cheesy and low-budget film but worth seeing), "Unrest" (awesome cadaver horror) and "Crazy Eights (which I have not watched yet). 

There's a good reason why modern societies have child labor laws. This film emphasizes how cruel task masters can be to children - even recklessly and criminally causing their deaths. What's great about Wicked Little Things is that little people return to level out the playing field. Evil people get their cummupins. If you've been feeling troubled by all the world's greed and the growing disparity between rich and poor these days ... then this is the zombie flick for YOU. (For more details, click on one of the hyperlinks I've provided.)



  1. Wow this looks fabulous. I love the little girl - she was in a favourite vampire with last year - Let Me In - she played the vampire and it was fabulous. Gotta see if I can find this. Trouble is I live in Dubai and it has restrictions and to get it through the post means I have to order and cross my fingers that I receive it (post ain't no great shakes here).

    If you've not seen Let Me In I advise you do. Its totally different to the usual. Even my hubs liked it!

    Great to see you're back even if it is a fleeting visit/break for your hard work out the touring cyber space. Hope its going well.

    Oh - is your book being published in paper or e-book form? IF it's the latter I can get my hands on it ;D Shah X

  2. Shah ~ I will definitely look into "Let Me In" (will see where I can find it, on-line). Can you just watch "Wicked Little Things" by downloading it directly from a store such as Netflix? *I really like the way the mean people "get it" in the end.

    Also - my book, Ravena & The Resurrected, is an eBook [] or my publisher website is

    *If you read it - be sure to let me know what you think about it. I love feedback.*


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