Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Currently Reading: "Vampire Academy" by Richelle Mead

 I am currently reading: Vampire Academy, by Richelle Mead

After the last few (less than 200% perfect) books, I really needed something fun and light-hearted that would allow me to escape from ordinary life. I needed a highly rated book that other  bloggers  have promised would be superb. I hope, like those reviewers, I will loe LOE loe this book. This is the month of February, after all. This is the SEASON for surrounding ourselves with loe.

May YOU, dear reader, feel supported by people who utterly and completely adore you. Happy month of Valentine's Day!


  1. It is pretty good, I was pleasantly surprised by the book. I usually have a hard time with teen books for many reasons but this one was fun.

  2. I've liked it so far. I really like the personalities that are coming out ... strong individuality (already).

  3. Actually, I didn't care for it when I read it about two years ago, but to each their own and I hope you enjoy :D

  4. Heather ~ Really? (Isn't it amazing how what appeals to ONE person may or not please the next?) I'll have to check out what you wrote about Vampire Academy after I post my review. I'm getting so incredibly into this book, really loving it, so I actually bought the sequel "Frostbite" today.

  5. Hey Tami! I've never read this series, can you believe it? Everyone I talk to is in love with it!

    And I returned the favour, (thank you, by the way!!) the vamchoir button now has a home on my sidebar :-)

  6. Hurray! (About the "RTF") That's wonderful. Thank you!

    Also ... I really hope you get a copy of the Vampire Academy. The first chapter was a little slow for me (starts off with blood drinking between friends and I really didn't understand all the reasons behind it so tolerate that in the beginning and then you will become enthralled and understand it later).


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