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Sarah Palin: Vampire Hunter by Dan McGirt (eBook - 52 pages) perfectly priced for this very short novella: $1.99

If you have ever laughed at photos posted on the Internet, where Walmart shoppers shamelessly wield their plumber's cracks, then you'll feel intrigued by this book's somewhat impious humor (in spite of yourself). Go ahead. GUFFAW when Sarah Palin shows up to make everyone go "crazy stupid" as she shoots vampires, and the town mayor, in the head. Whether you like her or not - you'll recognize her tone because McGirt recreates her speaking-habits so perfectly you'll swear Sarah is reading her dialog out loud to you.

"Okay, I see by your faces some of you are shocked by my statement. And some of you, I just betcha, are only pretending to be shocked. Shame on you!” Said Sarah, at a town meeting, where she addressed the "good people" of Twinkle, Oregon, about the infestation of supernatural monsters.

“Do you know what a ghoul is?” (Palin had asked the mayor, earlier)
“There are several meanings of the word. You’ve got your desert demons and your Massachusetts corpse-eaters. But some people apply the term to living human beings placed under the control or direction of a vampire. Isn’t that the darndest thing?”

* Beyond the hilarious dialog, Sarah Palin: Vampire Hunter is loaded with comical conspiracy theories. (For example: one suggests the Xbox was designed to make "easier chewing for the zombies.") 
* Lots of "suitable" double meanings such as when "Palin blasted her way through Swimwear" (in reference to the athletic department, not necessarily referring to her ability to annihilate bathing-wear itself).

* Author consistently ends questions in dialog with "said" instead of the more appropriate "asked" or "queried." 
* Proper names such as "Axel" and "Gogo" are not capitalized. These peeves were not even a speed bump for me, however, as the entire manuscript was so perfectly written otherwise. 

RATING: FIVE STARS for rapt attention maintained all the way through. It's a fast and curiously fun read.

Reviewer's Admission: *(I purchased this book and read it as an eBook)

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