Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Stephenie Meyer - Author of Twilight Series

Because Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series is still all the vampire rage these days and many book reviews have already been written in this regard ... I merely provide my very quick opinion on all four books, below.

BOOK 1: Twilight: Loved it. Could NOT put it down. The only part of this book that disagreed with me is the excepts that made Edward look like a crazed stalker (i.e., sneaking into Bella's room, uninvited, before she even admitted she liked him, and him staring at her while she slept. He also shows ups more than an hour away from their home to "rescue" her, later. If he's not stalking her, then ... ?) I still loved the way this book flowed and promote it as a very worthwhile read.

(five out of five stars)
BOOK 2: New Moon: Loved it. Could NOT put it down. At this point in the Twilight series I became a Jacob fan. I love the werewolves, all their sharing with tribal experiences, and I especially appreciated watching Jacob Black become comfortable as a grown man.

(five out of five stars)
BOOK 3: Eclipse: Loved the part about vampires who cannot control their lust for human blood. Great read. Wonderful action and adventure.

(one out of five stars)
BOOK 4: Breaking Dawn: Felt terribly offended by this book. I drew the comic, below, as a result. (Romantic infatuation with an infant is pedophilia - I don't care if Stephenie Meyer wants to label it werewolf "imprinting," it's still perversion of the worst kind when Jacob is constantly volunteering to babysit and changes his love-interest's diapers .) [click image to enlarge it]

I also felt horrified by the way Bella's pregnancy was explained, in book 4, as though mating with a vampire could turn a human into something like a chicken and Bella carries an egg with a titanium hard shell in her uterus - so as the baby grows she's ripped apart from the inside-out. What the heck? 

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  1. I felt the second book was too much of Bella whining but I loved the first and third book. I really think she would have done better if she made three really good books. Bella's pregnancy was long and drawn out and overly dramatic and then there was no fight, no action in the end. Also I think she likes happy endings because it seems like everyone wins in the end. I think that is why the imprinting thing happened so Jacob wouldn't have to be sad forever and Bella didn't have to feel guilty anymore.

  2. Sundcarrie ~ Thank you for commenting. I can see why you felt Bella was a total whine-baby in the second book. She acted like her whole life was over following the break-up with Edward. Yet I remembered friends grieving short-lived romances in a similar fashion when I was back in high school.

    I cannot imagine Jacob Black being too happy with his imprinting on an infant. According to Stephenie Meyer's description of imprinting, that means if Jake doesn't become a pedophile with Reneseme -- he must then never have a sexual relationship until he's almost 40-years-old.


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