Thursday, January 27, 2011

So? What Do You Think So Far?

Regarding yesterday's post, I'm wondering if, by the fact that I'm highlighting things in this blog that I find offensive about some books, I might be scaring or offending decent blog readers so they run screaming in the other direction.

More specifically:
1. Do you also find it offensive (after all these years of waiting for books with female super heros) when the heroine uses her genitalia to fight vampires?

2. Do you think it's helpful that my blog points that sort of observation out to readers?

3. Are you, like me, and prefer - when sex takes place between adult characters in a story - there is some sort of emotional relationship going on for a while before that happens?

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  1. 1- Not having read the book in question I can't say whether I find it offensive. Odd, yes, but only hearing about it second-hand I won't make a strict judgment. (Granted, after hearing your thoughts I'm hardly likely to read it.)

    2- I value honesty in reviews and I actually think you did a good job highlighting things you liked in the book as well as those you found offensive.

    3- Definitely. A big pet peeve is when authors add gratuitous sex (or violence) into their work, seemingly just for shock value. I'd rather it be tasteful and have something to do with advancing the plot or developing the characters

  2. Lisa ~

    I feel the same way you do (about reviews just being someone's opinion). Yet I read other people's reviews of this same book and I believe I'm the only one who mentions how distasteful it is for someone's unmentionables to be such a significant part in any story line. So then I wonder if I'm the only person on the planet who still likes a great plot (as opposed to reading crude erotica). Thank you for your feedback. It really helps.

    ~ Tami


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