Monday, January 17, 2011

Night Prayers (Could Also Be Named Night Preyors) by P.D. Cacek

"Night Prayers" by P.D. Cacek, $6.99

This book received so many bad reviews, from other readers, I just had to experience it for myself. I kept wondering, "can a vampire novel really be all that dreadful?" 

What I figure most readers did not like:

  • Significant amount of vulgar sex with zero romance involved (think: pole dancing vampires). Book also includes profanity appropriate to the setting.
  • One main character,Milo (aka: Mica),is overly self righteous, very disturbed, and he's a self-appointed preacher who stands on the street judging people quite loudly. From the very first chapter, I kept yearning for some blessed vampire to please drain all the juices from Milo's brain. I just wanted to surgically remove him like some huge protuberance from my back. Not only was Milo's preaching ridiculously annoying, but his self talk was even more loathsome. His own body made him a hypocritical contradiction to everything he humps his Bible about.

    What you will definitely like:
    • Exceptional writing. Author repeatedly employs a wonderful play on words, writes entertaining dialog, and paints vivid pictures for the reader's imagination. Example: "Luci's sudden smile flashed as bright as her white dress."
    • Wonderful twisted ending. I never saw it coming and have never read a book quite like this one.

    Why this book gets a four star rating:

    While P.D. Cacek's writing is highly polished, I did not want to befriend any of her characters (and hope I never meet any in the flesh). None of them had a very strong ethical constitution. I certainly won't be thinking about the book's plot, or any of the characters, in the days to come (which is why this book, in my opinion, does not deserve five stars). Yet I felt very grateful for the high entertainment factor while the reading lasted. I especially felt amused by the vampire slayer scenes and felt the creativity in this work flew sky high. 

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