Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Disappointment: The Worst Kind Of Horror

The Knack, by Jesse Gordon, $7.99. eBook/290 pages. 


If an author wants his readers to be pleased with his work, he cannot intentionally deceive them by writing a book about the most despicable sexual predators on earth, child rapists, and mislabel such debauchery as "vampire fiction." It just doesn't work. Some intelligent reviewer is going to really feel infuriated and, in this case, the reviewer is me.

Gordon's book starts out quite well. (His sample chapters are why I bought the book.) A Texas family with teenagers is pulling up their proverbial tent stakes to move to California. I could almost smell the blood in the air, Gordon's writing proved so compelling at this point. While the Uhaul truck bounces, the teenagers mentally buck their dad's authority. They hate the idea they're changing schools, homes, friends and everything. 

Yet shortly after the family arrives in California, and after the truck's unpacked, the story begins creeping downhill. I began to feel bored, so I skimmed over a few paragraphs. Then, when I could find no sustenance (hate it when I feel as though my mind could slowly starve to death) I jumped ahead more rapidly. That's when I realized the decline had steepened and the story slid way past all the meat markets and liquor stores that Gordon had described earlier. It landed fully in the gutter! 

How a family conflict story suddenly morphs into emotionless erotica, I don't know. But when the main character, Aaron, becomes infected with the rapist-virus, he uses his man-instrument (like most vampires use fangs) and attacks an innocent school girl to kill her with it. Seriously! Homicidal rapist's are what Gordon thinks of preternatural vampires? That's just tacky. Tacky. Tacky!

I really deplored reading about Aaron and how, when he's not yanking his thoughts back into human comprehension, he's physically yanking on something more apparent. He's either doing that, or he's running around naked, exposing himself in a very lewd way. If Aaron's story wasn't despicable enough, even more rapists show up, including a middle-aged pedophile-rapist. 

I simply had to quit reading there. Like the "patches of wilted shrubs" that Gordon described in the beginning, his book became worse than dead to me. 

  • Font style and size dramatically and randomly change throughout the book in an inconsistent manner.
  • The book is rated Fiction > Literature > Horror when it should be rated Licentious > Erotica.
  • I will never give a piece of "literature" high ratings when it's written merely to excite some deviant or prurient interests, as I'm sure all the teenaged girls, described in this book, who sexually attacked their horrified classmates, appealed to the author. 
I'm giving this book two stars only because I'm feeling generous.

Reviewer's Admission: *(I purchased this book and read it as an eBook)

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  1. Hi, thanks for the comment on my blog, I'm following you now too! Look to reading R & R soon and this review you've written is very honest too. Thanks for the comment again :)

  2. Ani ~
    What good are book reviews if they are not honest? I really hope I do not end up reading another deviant book like this one; least not for a very long while. Last week, I accepted a new challenge and agreed to begin reading new authors or "Take A Challenge On The Unknown," as the resolution was called. Yet that means I may end up reading dreadful books with horrible plots like this one, where the author really sets the reader up for disappointment, unscrupulously. Bleh. I wonder how much more I can endure. LOL

  3. He killed her with his "Man instrument." Hmm. Violent. Misogynistic. And just plain bad writing. You aren't having much luck. ;)

  4. It's going to get better fast. Promise! This last book taught me how much I really HATE hate HATE erotica. I don't mind sex in a book if there's actual emotional connections taking place ... the whole focus on genitalia for pages and chapters, tho, well, it just started to overwhelm and then infuriate me. LOL (I guess I should post "NO EROTICA" in my "Review Policy" now.)

  5. This one sounds absolutely horrid. Thanks for the heads-up....I'm not fundamentally opposed to erotica...I just find most of what I have read (which isn't that much) is just sort of boring. Maybe I'm just too old for it now. But, the important thing is IF it's erotica, it should be labeled as such and not hidden in some other genre.

  6. Laurie ~

    Well, I have no problem with reading about romantic sex. Romance novels are NOT my favorite, but I can skim past the not-so-vital parts if things get too heated. "Erotic" books, in my experience, are much different because they focus on genitalia without there being any relationship or emotional connection between the two parties. You're right. That's VERY boring.


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