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Sensational Paranormal Details

Morrigan's Brood: Crone of War, by Heather Poinsett Dunbar & Christopher Dunbar  Paperback. $19.99

Someone stole the "phallus maximus" from a sacred statue and now everyone's on a serious quest to find that enormous sexual organ (including different strains of vampires). Such subtle humor, coupled with all this book's sensational paranormal details, is what makes this book extremely entertaining and fun to read. The writers certainly did their research to make this story feel very authentic and exciting.

Adoration aside, history reminds us how violent humans can be, and the Dunbars describe that sordid past, perfectly. I nearly squeezed my eyes shut a few times while reading. That's thanks (in part) to a grotesque but believable portrayal where more than one rather likable vampire, a Deargh Du, is tortured, Spanish Inquisition style.

page 32 - The priests begin throwing holy water on a Lamia vampire, in an attempt to banish him from their temple, as though he were merely "a demon." In reply, the Lamia merely blinks, and yells: "Stop that!"

page 43 - After a vampire "adopts" a recently orphaned teenage girl, he insists:"Berti, go to sleep, or I will toss you overboard," then quiet's his own laughter.


page 39: Regarding a clan leader as she addresses a Dearg Du vampire who is also an arch Druid: "Wait." Mael Muire stood up and walked over to Ruari. She pulled on her sleeve, baring her right arm. "Do you require nourishment?"

Carrying a wooden crucifix, a Lamia vampire (*former nun*) reflects back on the day she was resurrected: "Mandubratius pulled me from my convent one night, and he gave me no choice in the matter. He wanted me, so he took me. That was all there was to it. He promised me power in exchange for my obedience. It was that or death. Unlike a good Christian martyr, I begged for my life. He took my life and gave me a new one." She shrugged, staring into the small pain-stricken figure on the cross. "I suppose it is kind of funny. Jesus Christ promised me life after death, and now I have it."

CAUTIONS:  I need to provide this disclaimer for anyone who might break into a sweat or suffer from a rapidly increasing heart-beat any time they're presented with irregular grammar.Awkward paragraph transitions and sentence confusion happened much too consistently in this book for me to not mention it. To prove that I'm not merely pulling this comment (regarding an "occasional rough ride") out of my badonkadonk, here's a few quick and short examples:

page 14
- "A strange, pale figure walked toward the few remaining pirates, and then all turned dark again."  Interestingly, just as the adjective "dark" refers to "an absence of light or clarity," my mind went completely dim, as it always does when I read sentences where the adjective does not describe either noun expressed in the sentence.

page: 31 -
"The twenty monks grabbed weapons and holy water. They then started surrounded Assim." "Surrounded" should have been "surrounding."

page: 125 - "It is strange how a mortals deal with their wickedness." (Typos merely prove our authors are human, and not the gods we make of them, after all.)

Again, in spite of an occasionally bumpy ride to jolt the reader out of the relaxing escape that only reclining with a good book can provide, I still highly recommend "Morrigan's Brood: Crone of War" for all of the positive reasons I have already mentioned. Really. Definitely. I recommend this book (because you won't stop thinking about the plot or main characters after you've finished reading)! It's definitely a worth-while and addictive read.

I'm very happy (and excited) to announce that both extremely talented authors, Heather Poinsett Dunbar & Christopher Dunbar, will make a guest appearance HERE on Valentine's Day, February 14th! In honor of that holiday, I'll be asking them both to discuss some of the most romantic aspects in their 5 book series. Until then, consider entering their incredibly generous gift they offer for any contest winner. It's a TWO BOOK GIVEAWAY! ($40 value). See yesterday's posting or check the sidebar after tomorrow for contest details.

{Blogger's admission: I was given both a free copy of this paperback, and a copy of "Morrigan's Brood, Book One, for the promise of writing this most honest/unbiased review.)

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