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Update on the William Ross Rust House

Of all the stories I've written here at Vampire Review, the William Ross Rust house research has stimulated the most consistent curiosity and feedback on an on-going basis over the years. 

As a blogger, receiving so much interest expressed about my Tacoma Haunted House tale, I feel inspired to write even more mystery house stories. That means I will have to conduct even more intuitive and tangible hard research on historic homes.

Just recently,  Tacoma author Steve Dunkelberger contacted me about the 
William Ross Rust story. He quoted my article in the newsy feature he wrote.

Here's a screen shot of Dunkelberger's feature, which was published in Southsound Talk.

You may read his article, in its entirety, here: Tacoma’s Rust Mansions – Lavish Living Followed by Rumors, by Steve Dunkelberger.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Bluetooth Uses Magick To Grow Its Business

What does the Bluetooth symbol have to do with witches?

Bluetooth sets the standard for 
wireless communications. Its 
service allows TVs, mobile
devices and desktop 
computers to
communicate wirelessly, and
device to device.
Recognize this symbol? If you ever use wireless technology you've undoubtedly seen it.

What you might not realize is the Bluetooth company logo is an ancient binding Rune. Perhaps we'll talk about binding Runes and how witches use them for working powerful magick some other time.

For now, you'll need to know that the Bluetooth binding Rune is made from two powerful Runes and both have very specific meanings; magickally. The first Rune, "Berkana," is also the Norse word for Birch tree. (See image of Berkana, below.)
Berkana is also called "Berkanan"
(Germanic), "Bjarkan" (Viking)
and "Berkano" depending on dialect 

SIDE NOTE: In Norse mythology, the Birch is associated with Goddess Frigg (Odin's wife) and Idunna, Goddess of innocence and fertility. Odin (Frigg's husband) is vital to Rune casting because he is the God who first received the Runes and gained their meanings from a great deal of self-sacrifice.

Berkana stands for "growth" and "rebirth." Knowing that, it's easy to conclude why an entrepreneur would incorporate this very positive symbol into his/her company logo! Obviously, Bluetooth wanted to induce growth and rebirth magickally and, since they're setting the standard for wireless communications today, we can deduce that their magick is working!

The second half of the binding Rune is Gebo. Gebo means "gift of the Goddess." Life teaches us that with every gift there is an obligation for reciprocity. Or to think about it another way, Gebo is all about having a "fair exchange" and about gaining a reward for sacrifice. 
Gebo means "Gift of The Goddess"

What better company logo could any business adopt besides these two ancient Runes bound together in an overlay? By putting the two runes together, Bluetooth sealed its future success with growth and reciprocity.

The plot thickens: With all the advertisements around teeth whitening these days, it's entertaining to realize Bluetooth is named after a wealthy royal who had stained teeth!  

"Bluetooth" was the nickname given to Scandanavian Warrior King Harald Gormsson, who loved eating Denmark's wild blueberries. Reportedly, they didn't have teeth whitening strips back then, so when King Harald smiled ... (*ahem*). 

Don't blame me for making that Bluetooth name connection to King Harald. I learned about it from Symbols, A Universal Language, by Joseph Piercy.

Finally, this whole Bluetooth symbol thing has me wondering: Are the blue stained king's teeth the reason why Bluetooth made it's logo blue? Does the shape of their logo look like a tooth to you?  (One can only postulate!)

If you're interested in learning the Runes, so you can incorporate the same kind of magick Bluetooth uses in all your business dealings, I recommend
 The Little Giant Encyclopedia of Runes by Sterling quite strongly. I've read many Rune books and this has got to be the absolutely best one I've found.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Most Creeptastic Movies from the 80’s

Guest article by Caroline at Culture Coverage
Web mastery by Tami Jackson

The 1980s gave us hundreds of horror movies. Forget "Top 100" lists because "Top 200" horror movie lists still lurk about. Many of the best horror I’ve seen came from the eighties and it's extremely difficult to choose the best of the scariest but this list, "Most Creeptastic Movies From The 80s" is a great start!

Fright Night (1985) 
Tom Holland wrote and directed this award-winning horror movie about 17-year-old Charlie Brewster. Brewster discovers that his neighbor, Jerry Dandrige, is a vampire but his parents refuse to believe him when he tells them about it. So Brewster turns to TV Show Host Peter Vincent for help. 

Fright Night proved popular when first released and has gained a cult following since. The cast includes Roddy McDowall, as the delightful unwitting vampire-hunter named Peter Vincent and Chris Sarandon, who steals the show as Vampire Jerry Dandrige, an amusingly affable and debonair personality (until crossed).

AVAILABILITY: Fright Night is not on many streaming services but you can buy or rent it on Amazon Prime 
or buy the full series by searching Google under the "shopping" tab. You might also find it by subscribing to a Virtual Private Network, such as Express VPN. Buy: Fright Night 1985.

Poltergeist (1982) 

Steven Spielberg wrote and produced Poltergeist; another award-winning supernatural horror. Directed by Tobe Hooper, it follows the story of the Freeling family and the peaceful community they live in. When their youngest daughter, Carol Anne, starts talking to the static on the TV late at night, her peculiarities are heightened the day after an earthquake. That's when even stranger things happen. A malevolent force abducts Carol Anne, and the Freelings battle it to save their daughter from a terrible fate.

When first released, Poltergeist was praised for its special effects. It is now considered a classic and has a cult following, thanks to the brilliant plot and frightening presentation. Even more creepy, the movie is said to be cursed! Four of its most significant cast members died within a few years of its release. As with Fright Night, it is not available on many streaming services, but it is available on Amazon, and for purchase by Google "shopping." Buy: Poltergeist 1982

The Thing (1982)
Directed by John Carpenter and written by Bill Lancaster, The Thing is an American science fiction horror movie where a parasitic alien life form can assimilate anything it touches. When the alien infiltrates an American research station in Antarctica, the team must kill it. Yet things get more complicated as it becomes more difficult to differentiate between the alien and their friends. As a result, survivors become increasingly paranoid.

Despite this movie's major box office success, critics initially gave it negative reviews. Today, however, it receives high ratings and audiences still enjoy it. The creepy, well-crafted, story is enhanced by the remarkable makeup effects. The desolate setting adds quite a grim tone. Unfortunately, it’s not available on American Netflix, but you may access it through Netflix in other countries. You can also use a Virtual Private Network (VPN), such as Buffered VPN, to watch it overseas. Buy: The Thing 1982

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
A Nightmare on Elm Street is a supernatural slasher movie written and directed by Wes Craven. The movie follows teenager Nancy Thomson and her friends as they start having nightmares in which they are hunted and killed by a disfigured man, Fred "Freddy" Krueger. Every injury inflicted in their dreams results in a physical injury when they're awake and everyone that Freddy kills in their dreams actually dies. In time, Nancy realizes that she must figure out how to stop the disfigured man before she’s murdered too.

A Nightmare on Elm Street was successful from the start and both critics and viewers loved it. Even today, it’s hailed as one of the best horror films ever made. This highly imaginative movie plays with audiences’ perceptions and crosses the boundary between dreams and reality in alarming ways. The suburban setting only adds to the terror and shows audiences that horror can happen anywhere. While not available on American Netflix, you can watch it on Netflix overseas. The DVD is available for sale in many stores and you can order a copy by mail through Google's shopping feature. Order it on YouTube for $2.99. Buy: A Nightmare On Elm Street 1984

The Shining (1980)
No list of great horror movies from the 1980s would be complete without The Shining! Stanley Kubrick produced and directed this psychological horror, which is based on Stephen King’s 1977 novel of the same name. 

About recovering alcoholic Jack Torrance - the man hires on as an off-season caretaker of an isolated hotel. When a snowstorm traps the family at the hotel, Jack loses his grip on reality and grows increasingly agitated. 

Amazingly, audiences did not receive The Shining very well; not on its initial release. Critics labeled the film as "too slow" and "not scary enough." Now, however, it’s become a classic! The change in attitude probably evolved because it’s more common for horror movies to have a slower pace today. Nowadays that gradual build-up is thought to add a hypnotic quality. 

In The Shining, the atmosphere is heavy and claustrophobic. The hotel itself is isolated. All elements add up to make The Shining delightfully disturbing. Watch this movie for FREE on YouTube. Only available on Netflix outside of the US, "The Shining" DVD can be purchased on-line and in stores. Buy: The Shining (1980)

As said above, this list is simply a small taste of what the 1980s offered in terms of creeptastic horror. Which is your favorite horror movie from the decade? (Please let us know in the comments below.)

About the author: Caroline is a blogger who focuses on entertainment and technology. She’s also an avid horror movie fan and hopes you’ll love the movies on this list as much as she does.

You may find Caroline on Twitter at: @CultureCovC.

Leave tips for her here in the comments, at Vampire Review, because she’s always on the lookout for recommendations for terrifying movies!

Here is our list on sale right now!

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So Many Super Short Horror Flicks - Never Enough Time!

I feel so lucky to learn my coworkers on the county's graveyard shift with me are all HORROR MOVIE FANS! (Who could be lucky as me?) 

To my utter and complete amusement, I am now being texted SUPER short horror flicks to watch on my midnight lunch break. Here is one of my favorites. Yes dear reader of Vampire Review. You will want to thank me after watching this because it's super short and completely exciting, funny, scary and awesome. As usual, I'm happy to promote great work when I see it.


Friday, June 17, 2016

Review of The Conjuring 2 - Based On Real Story

by Tami Jackson

Since I provide house-clearing and house-blessing services myself, this review should be a little different from most written about horror films. I loved this movie and not because it was inspired by one of most well-documented haunting and child possession cases ever. The council house (or public assistance household) that inspired the film is located in Brimsdown, Enfield, England.

What People Said About The Movie: Conjuring 2

Happy to admit that Conjuring 2 really surprised me. I'd expected it to pale in comparison to The Exorcist (what film on child-possession doesn’t?) but fact is, I jumped TWICE during the movie. I also caught myself laughing nervously.

Prior to watching, I ordered a bloody mary from the bar inside a Crab Pot Restaurant. There I met a couple of younger women, one of them an enlisted mechanic stationed out of the Norfolk Virginia naval base. She had just seen the film and cautioned me that it had made HER jump and she laughed through it too.
Without providing any spoilers, I have to say this is definitely a film worth seeing because it will leave you asking questions about life in the paranormal realm and about humanity over all. After the movie, as I was just leaving the theater, I overheard a Hispanic man tell his comrades that he was going to stop to use the bathroom, and his friend quipped: “Be careful. The lights might go out.”

Real life Hodgkin children. Can you just imagine,
Your little sister constantly waking you up:
talking in a creepy old man's voice?


In the real world, there is so much doubt around paranormal investigation. So many self-appointed experts point fingers and scream “charlatan” any time there’s a suggestion that things happen which cannot be explained from the tangible physical mechanics or electronics. On another level, famous people often dance in at the very last moment and steal all the limelight from professionals doing the actual research. (That was the case with The Conjuring 2 where Journalist/Author and Parapsychologist Guy Lyon Playfair and Maurice Grosse, both who are members of a paranormal research society, were actively involved in trying to help the family being haunted - yet the movie is not really about them. It's much more about world renown paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, from Connecticut, USA, who pranced in for a mere 24 hour stay).

First. Let me just say that the Warrens come across as unbiased and well intentioned. No insult against them. The film is fantastic. I just wanted to mention the real investigators for historical fact. 

Then? I need to say that those who mock paranormal investigation are just plain ignorant, inexperienced, and too closed-minded to learn anything beyond what they were taught before they reached seven-years of age.

In the original Brimsdown haunting case, police officers, paranormal researchers, child psychologists and neighbors saw furniture move alone, household objects flew through the air, doors opened and closed and cold breezes were felt. An 11-year old named Janet spoke like a 70-something old man and loud knocks and bangs could be heard through the house. Matches also spontaneously caught fire and many more strange phenomena were recorded by numerous eye witnesses and professionals. Like any paranormal investigation I’ve been on, camera and recorder batteries were quickly drained.

So many accounts of the actual story are already recorded. Here are a couple of fun links:


An element of this movie (and in the real story) that seemed really profound to me is the fact that some people lie, including troubled 11-year-old girls who have daddy issues. Yet just because they may fake an aspect of a haunting – it doesn’t negate all other evidence that suggests evil spirits are still present. The film presents the idea that evil spirits may be the REASON some people lie. In fact, documentation of the original story prove the investigation turned up evidence of childhood mischief on top of paranormal activity.

On its face, childhood pranks may sound obvious. Yet too often in research, one lie makes everything else someone says seem suspect. That was the case in this original documentation and that fact sets the perfect mystery situation for the movie with its awesome red herrings.

Genre: Suspense/ThrillerHorror
Directed by James Wan, and written by both Chad and Carey Hayes.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Rare Opportunity: Fund Primal Vampire Art! Gain A Poker Sized Deck Of Vampire Playing Cards


"Sisterhood of Blood," playing cards by Kirk Slater
Artist and Designer Kirk Slater, who produced the poker-size deck called "The Coven", has new fang marks up his sleeve. Now YOU (beloved reader) can embellish your Victorian era vampire memorabilia collection with something hot and new. 

That's because Slater just launched a kick starter to create yet another awesome cult-following product. A beautiful new dark playing card deck called "Sisterhood of Blood" showcases she-pires from London.

The back of the deck features animalistic and frustrated female-only vampires (no he-pires allowed). The front side shows Celtic-like face patterns to satisfy your visual cravings and blood lust.

Lucky YOU! You have this very unique opportunity to invest! Slater's poker-sized playing cards have intricate designs that will be coveted for centuries to come and with less than a week left to raise funds, Slater is asking for your immediate action. Artist Kirk Slater seeks funding for this awesome collector's deck and launched a "fund me now" project: "Sisterhood Of Blood" 


Slater is raising money to make the vampire playing card deck a hard copy reality. Once funding is secure, the cards will go into production at The Expert Playing Card Company (EPCC) and you (the investor) will be rewarded with the amount of decks that you pledge for. 


Thursday, April 28, 2016

Zombie Marathon Weekend Thanks To Netflix!

content by Tami Jackson

Who doesn't love a great zombie flick? All that pent-up frustration from weirdos who deserve a head bashing can be let go as you watch zombies get shot in the head or decapitated. If you're looking for stress relief a weekend zombie movie marathon might be just what the shrink ordered and Netflix has a number of very fun films just waiting (groaning and lurking) for you!

Beyond watching the first three seasons of The Walking Dead, a modern flick which involves a lot of great human psychology, conflict and strategies for survival, you also get to see different approaches to what people value about cohabiting while they all seek to find safety in numbers.

A community of trustworthy counterparts is important when there are no ambulances or police cars or anyone else of authority left alive enough to respond to anyone's frantic call. I'll admit I thought the first three shows of Walking Dead season one were a little slow but I'm glad I trusted the opinions of my friends who really fell in love with this television series. If you keep watching, you'll like it too!

World War Z

This action and adventure British-American apocalyptic film has former U.N. employee Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) retired and enjoying life as a stay-at-home dad. He's raising his two little girls while his wife (Mireille Enos) earns a paycheck. When the most hellish of all zombie outbreaks catapults the unsuspecting family into a race for shelter, they find themselves fighting zombies in the stairwell of an unfamiliar apartment building. The couple completely switch roles at that point and the extremely patient and doting father becomes a military survivalist/brainiac while his wife coddles the children like the subservient wife she should be (extreme sarcasm there).

In World War Z, there's no time to mourn the undead because once a person is bitten, you can count the seconds before he or she turns into a raving fast-speed zombie. Survival seems so hopeless, Gerry re-enlists with the military to help stop the spread of the pandemic and that's where mom and kids begin to face very dark times while their patriarch goes out on search and discover missions.


Aaah! Zombies!! (2007) - sympathetic focus on what it feels like to be a zombie (aka brain-dead like many people driving during rush hour).
Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies (2012) - America's 16th President fights the attacking Confederate zombies (just like Obama fights Republicans in Congress).
American Zombie (2007) - sympathetic to misunderstood zombies this flick presents normal-seeming characters with dreams for a better future. Here's the trailer.
Autumn  (2009) - Rated R - the full film is available for FREE on YouTube. Apocalypse caused by air-born virus with few survivors.
Awaken the Dead (2007) - unlikely pairing of a priest and retired whore who find refuge inside a safe house together
Beast Within (2008) - Avian flue turns people into zombies
Beneath the Surface (2007) - High school nerd resurrects the object of his affection: dead high school girl
Black Death (2011)  - Church appointed knight hunts for witch who inadvertently raise the dead while searching for heretics. Funny parts. *I really liked this flick.* Here's the teaser.
Blade of the Phantom Master (2004) - Anime. Warrior vs zombies, cannibals and, wouldn't you know: other predators!
Bloodlust Zombies (2011) - Military weapons facility lab accident turns people into blood-lusting murderous frenzies. Fun times!
Bong of the Dead (2011) - Talk about potent pot! Zombie brains are used for fertilizer in planters.
Buck Wild (2014) - Craig feels betrayed by friendship and love right when a Chupacabra turns his community into zombies.
The Cabin in the Woods (2011) - Low budget film. I hated it. Disobey house rules and horror cuts loose.
Cockney vs. Zombies (2012) - Such a hilarious plot: Kids attempt to rob a bank to save their grandpa's home. Their efforts are thwarted by zombies
Corpse Princess (2005) - Anime girl corpse hunts down 108 undead to enter into heaven
Day of the Dead (1985) and (2008) - This classic movie features war/fighting inside a bunker. Combatants are military and scientific experts disrupted by zombies ... Watch the full (2008) movie for FREE on YouTube!
Days of Darkness (2007) - on DVD. Religious nutjob sent a letter on April 4, 2015, there's a comet that  Comet looms and detailed instructions are given for the sons and daughters of the most high God. Folks are advised to "remain calm" while an army of zombies is rising.
Dead Before Dawn (2013) - Stereotype of unwitting college students. They unleash a curse that turns people into a zombie-demon every time they look at someone.
DeadGirl (2008) - Great music in this film but it features pervert teen guys Rickie (Shiloh Fernandez) and JT (Noah Segan). They trespass inside a nut-house to *rape* a gurney patient they find wrapped in plastic. The crime turns on them. Here's the trailer.
The Dead Hate the Living! (2000) - Transformation chamber .... Young filmmakers find an corpse inside an abandoned hospital and determine to use it as a back drop for a special effect in their film. They unleash zombie evil accidently.
Dead Heat (1988) ~ If you ever worried about being trapped inside a movie theater, don't see this film. Police officers are brought back to life to fight zombies.
Dead Season (2012) ~ This world-wide apocalypse features two Americans "escaping" to an even more horrifying island.
The Dead Undead (2010) ~ Humans escape zombies only to end up inside a vampire lair with "psychotic vampires that are impossible to kill." Hard rock background music. Here's the trailer.
Death Valley: The Revenge of Bloody Bill (2004)  ~ Released by Asylum, the intro features repetitive hard-rock music. Here's the intro which features a down-and-out cowboy who recruits zombies for revenge on his own death.
Diary of the Dead  (2007) - A political film mixed with zombies, guts and gore. The zombies destroy all communication with the outside world. DIEner (2011) - Comical presentation of a serial killer with victims who come back to haunt him as zombies. Gore fest. Funny.
Doc of the Dead (2014) - "Doc" meaning "Documentary. Features zombies and zombie culture.
Doctor Blood’s Coffin (1961) - British horror. Rated "mediocre." A mad doctor raises the dead Frankenstein style.
My Babysitter's a Vampire (2011-2012) Canadian vampire adventure comedy horror. Teenagers Ethan, Benny and new-vampire Sarah fight other supernatural beings at school.

Oasis of the Zombies (1982) - Backdrop has World War II Nazis burying gold in the Sahara Desert and treasure-hunters seek to find it but unexpected dangers lurk in wait.Very low budget. See the trailer on YouTube.

ParaNorman (2012) - Rated *Super cute* and kid-friendly. This very professionally made cartoon tells a highly entertaining story of Normal (grade school kid) who saves the world by communicating with zombies/

The Dungeonmaster (1984) - Science fiction/fantasy, complete with vintage clothes and old footage. Film catapults evil and very old wizard Mestema (Richard Moll) against a nerdy programmer Paul (Jeffrey Byron). Features monsters, zombies and other creeps of the night.

The Truth Behind Zombies (2010) -This documentary hypothesizes about zombie origins. The journey takes you to dark magic and science and poses the question: "Could a mutated virus cause a zombie apocalypse?"

White Zombie (1932) - Let's face it. Films this old don't really belong in the "horror" section any more. Not when women are fainting at the first hint of something unknown. In this flick, honeymooners in Haiti are duped by a crazed plantation owner who recruits the bride for his zombie work force.
Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead (2011) This Japanese horror/comedy presents teenagers escaping poop-covered zombies.
Zombie Massacre (2013) - Great makeup makes bacteriological weaponry seem plausible as soldiers assemble to address this quiet town that's transformed into a little village of zombies.

Zombie Lake (1981) - Teenagers discover German soldiers who were either thrown into the lake by those resisting their army's invasion or they drowned themselves only to  return much later as angry zombies. Full movie is available on YouTube for FREE!
Zombie High (1987) - Ettinger Academy (prestigious boarding school) is on the cutting edge of horror as teenaged girls turn zombie. Stars: Virginia Madsen, Sherilyn Fenn, James Wilder and Paul Feig.
A Little Bit Zombie (2012) - HR manager contracts zombie virus just before his wedding and avoids his incredibly controlling bride not because he's smart, but because he remains sensible enough to avoid attacking her while he hunts for brains. Here are some trailers.